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  1. {name}

    Ali Landry

    Screencaps from a Doritos ad video clip on her IG. Perceptual picture quality enhanced by me (sharpened + contrast color corrections). Amazing woman!
  2. Instagram She writes: "...today I decided to do it. Embracing my life post surgery and this new normal. Feeling optimistic, liberated and looking forward to a beautiful 2021." What surgery is she talking about? Not that it's any of my business, but I just hope everything is well. At least what she wrote has a positive vibe so I guess it's all good.
  3. "Out of Touch" in what way?
  4. {name}

    Ali Landry

    Why have I worshipped her for two decades? Well check this (from her IG) out: The Doritos Miss USA 1996 Cajun TRUE Goddess Ali Landry! --- Extremely SEXY --- Infinitely BEAUTIFUL --- Breathtakingly SWEET --- Mindblowingly WONDERFUL That's why I worship her.
  5. Her IG: So stunningly beautiful and hot as always! I'm so sorry she can't go to her homeland Puerto Rico to visit la familia and spend this Christmas over there, but at least she is being responsible and doing her part by following recommended precautions and guidelines. May she, her family and loved ones have a safe and peaceful Christmas.
  6. Her IG. From the 1995 movie Beyond the Clouds:
  7. I understand and from that perspective what she is doing is not half-bad, but in the big World out there the "competition" is hard. I don't know how far she wants to get with this. Does she want to get on a label and get on the top of the charts or is this just a hobby?
  8. Thanks for your kind words. I didn't mean I don't like the song. It has potential, but in my opinion the production is weak and I am afraid the competition in pop music is too much. I'm trying to do constructive critisism, but it still feel bad, because I'd never want to make her feel bad. Thanks for posting the music video. She looks so SUPERCUTE in it.
  9. {name}

    Ali Landry

    Her Instagram. I just love to see her so happy and pampered. She is so sweet! So beautiful! So sexy! So wonderful! So worshipped by me! Canyon Ranch better be ready for the visit of this TRUE Goddess. I wish her fabulous time there. 130690090_418497692527372_3463073149029320452_n.mp4 130227388_3236559993120429_4109873130881086212_n.mp4
  10. I worship her and I wish I could praise her song, but I'm afraid the production is quite simple and lacking to be honest and I really hate saying this. Forgive me dear Goddess Victoria Justice!
  11. SUPERCUTEness overload! Thanks!
  12. White, red and black work for any woman, but in my opinion the colors that work best for Goddess Sierra Skye are beige, orange, gold, bronze and brown (not very dark). Blue (complementary color of orange) doesn't work on her at all (a problem with blue jeans!). Anyway, if transparent was a color that would really rule!
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