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  1. Corona ruined 2020 royally so that you can't see half the face of these Goddesses. What next? In 2021 women wear burkhas? Now that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is gone anything is possible i guess... DISCLAMER: Of course I want Olivia Culpo to be as safe as possible and as a smart responsible person of course she wears masks, but boy would this year be so much better if Corona never happened!
  2. Yeah, that's the problem with the sexiest and most beautiful women. I didn't find known words to describe the women I worship the most so I invented a concept myself: "TRUE Goddess". Calling those women "only" Goddesses felt so lame, but on the other had it's a really great word describing literally a "divine female creature" so adding TRUE with capital letters gives the most extreme meaning of "divine female creature." You can use my concept if you want or you can invent your own way to describe Sierra Skye. btw, "Goddess" is always written with capital "G" out of respect and admiration toward these sexy and beautiful creatures.
  3. Tattoos and "temporary" don't go well together...
  4. Nice! Looks like nobody posted these (IG) yet:
  5. No, I don't Calypso Angel. The best fan page of Inés I know is http://foversta.free.fr I have contributed some pictures on that site in the past. ----------------------------- To gedeon67: Well done!
  6. Katy Perry is extremely "natural" in her music videos. For many pop artists performing in music videos can be a bit forced, but not for KP. She was clearly born to be an entertainer and pop star. She is my 2nd most favorite pop artist behind only the genius of pop, Kesha/Ke$ha. As for this new music video "Smile", visually it doesn't resonate much with me (I'm too old for this kind of stuff) and the song itself is simple, but catchy and well produced. It will be so interesting to hear the whole album because KP is one of those rare pop artists who can have insanely good "fillers" so that the singles aren't the only good songs. It's totally possible my favorites from the new album are not any of the singles, but that remains to be seen...
  7. Thanks for the scans kaelkirjak! Unfortunately I don't know the magazine or date. If these scans are done by you you must the magazine, right?
  8. It'a a matter of days now when "Kicky Perry" is born… …she probably wanted her album out around the same time, but the album was postponed by 2 weeks...
  9. Inspired by her enigmatic "green screen" post on Instagram:
  10. Arranged to my order of preference.
  11. Selected Instagram pictures posted by her: The first one is STUNNING!
  13. The older links behind the thumbnails are completely wrong in this thread and go to wrong pictures (other women!).
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