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  1. Happy Birthday Goddess Mădălina Ghenea!
  2. Thanks for the link Lilja K. 🙏 Higher Resolution versions there. It is indeed a great set, but I particularly like these two. 🔥
  3. These two from her recent IG post are wonderful: ❤️
  4. Happy Birthday! Worshipper pa wishes you a memorable day.
  5. ^ G o d d e s s !
  6. Year ago I made this remark of Olivia Culpo's Oliver dog. I feared it was disrespectful, but now Olivia herself is kind of admitting it! She had to be separated from Oliver and someone bought her a plushie toy dog that looks just like Oliver she can keep with her in her working trips as a comfort. She posted this on Instagram: 10 point to Olivia for having sense of humour. Oliver really looks like a plushie, but that is not a bad thing. It just means Oliver is a super-cute dog! <-Instagram Super-cute dog and super-sexy owner! I worship her! ❤️🔥
  7. Her Instagram: "Stacking the Deck":
  8. Maybe I am too old or something, but to my old fashioned eyes women these days often look like aliens TRYING to wear clothes like humans, but not exactly doing it correctly with comical results. Maybe it is smart phones and social media causing all of this insanity? When you are photographed everywhere, better look as weird as possible to get noticed? This is not against Kesha. I am a big fan! This is against culture. However, I'd rather hear new awesome pop music from her than see her doing "alienwear." 🤣
  9. Thanks Lilja K! This is "red fox" look!
  10. You're so sweet Lilja K!
  11. TRUE Goddess Roselyn Sanchez is starring in Fantasy Island reboot as Elena Roarke. Apparently she dislocated her toe in the shooting. I wish her well and hopefully her toe heals fast. It is mentally painful for me to think about her suffering. If only I could have dislocated my toe for her...
  12. Good for her! 👏 I also like that outfit for the sexy cleavage. 😍
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