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  1. Hudson's Bay is far from being a new store, it does exist since 1670! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hudson's_Bay_Company
  2. ^^^That's Martha Hunt in the first pic of the second row
  3. Q (Interviewer) : Camille, anything that you like in the « fashion week »? Camille : I’m a model, fashion ain’t my passion. Off screen guy ask : What the hell are you (two) doing here? C : Runaways are really exausting, there’s a lot of people… Q : There’s some jobs who are more exausting then that C : It’s really intense. It’s really oppressing. I’ ve done only one, no only two, so it’s ok. (Around 9 minutes) Q : I’ve noticed that there’s like 3 woman in charge of Fashion House, it’s nice. C : yeah really. C : I find that really nice. For a long ti
  4. First the guy says that many might not know her name, but they certainely have seen her lovely face, since she’s done a lot of editorials. After that he said that we saw her in a ad with Robert Patterson and he ask her if he bites? You say that the ad director was asking Patterson to act agressive for the kiss scene. She says that he bite her a litte. Interviewer :You’re the most sought after French lady. Camille :Thanks That most leave you with a strange feeling, since it wasn’t your little girl dream. C : No, not at all. I started kind of late, I was 19 while studying cinema
  5. They ask her what's the flavor or taste of the Paris fashion week. She reply that for the time been it's mostly coffee and cigarettes. After, she say that people suggest she eat croissants, to which Camille and the interviewer agree that are classic but fine.
  6. 2013 : WTA newcomer of the year Born : February 25th, 1994 in Westmount, Québec (Canada)
  7. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4030559/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm
  8. damn she was cute in Freaks And Geeks
  9. Max_god1


    The problem with the Hawks is that there playing in what's probably the best division in the league, they will play 1/4 of their games against the Wings, The Preds, The Jackets and The Blues(Those two should be playoff contenders). The Caps for exemple are playing 1/4 of their games against the awful Panthers, the weak Jets and the average Hurricanes. It might finally be San Jose year., that Power Play is gonna be deadly Burns, Boyle, Thornton, Couture and Marleau Ouch!
  10. Max_god1


    Well the Eagles are ahead of The Colts this year, does that cheer you up?
  11. The Hives ! I'm officially jealous
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