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Candice Swanepoel


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41 minutes ago, ThePinkDiet said:

Where is the damn woman?! No photos of her arriving to rehearsals, arriving to HQ, not a glimpse in any insta-story. I HATE HER :rofl:

She was late for rehearsals for some reason, that is why she wasn't on the bus with other girls.

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She looks fit and sexy ! Love her hair color, also so relieved she’s in Celestial 


i can’t waiiiit


(I’m such a control freak when it’s about being on time I would have been back in New York at least the day before, but she’s here at least )



Is this her in grey pants and white top ?

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10 hours ago, ThePinkDiet said:

^ oh you're right, I'm sorry! I thought they were the shoes from the Savage section of 2010 :)

Btw, very unprofessional and rude from her to come to work late :/

I got quite defensive of the pic, sorry about that, in my mind i was like "I KNOW MY CANDICE" haha

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12 hours ago, unali said:

@ThePinkDiet We don't know the reasons she was late, maybe she was doing something with VS prior to rehearsals.

We don't know exactly if she was late to rehearsals or just late for the bus which is not terrible. 


Late for the bus or rehearsal, It’s still unprofessional of her to be late no matter what the reason is :rofl: 

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