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  1. She is the most gorgeous women on the planet but her met gala looks have been very safe. She kind of blends in and if she goes on Monday I would love to see her wearing something a litlle more risky. Although, designers generally choose the dresses for the models.
  2. Can't wait for candice to shoot for vs again! Im hoping she is going to do more than Ale and adri, but more shoots happen without her 😑
  3. Candice looks amazing in biotherm! Her skin is flawless. Also I hope they will keep candice and stella for max factor. Stella has a great face for it and so does candice! The Australian max factor account posted a pic of candice more recently than stella so I believe her contract is safe.
  4. Love love the elle cover. Minimal photoshop and Elsa looks fierce 😍
  5. From what i can see in her early pictures she has always had great teeth! They do look so perfect though❤
  6. She is in miami according to a fan pic on instagram. See above post by candylicious ❤
  7. Wow! Her latest shoot for madame figaro is amazing. The cover with the natural look is beautiful but she also looks gorgeous with a red lip 😍
  8. Haha all good. Was thinking it was strange for her to be in miami for only a few hours 😂
  9. Yay! How do you know this 😘
  10. It seems like her hair is a little darker in these photos so I'm guessing old. But who knows!
  11. How exciting! I hope her next shoot isn't spoiled by the paps! As much as I love seeing behind the scenes shots, there are no suprises (vogue brazil shoot)
  12. I've noticed that too! It wouldn't suprise me if she got married in brazil
  13. Sorry if you took my comment as trolling! I was just making a general observation about sports illustrated. I personally think Candice has one of the best bodies in the industry boobs or not. However sports illustrated of course have had girls with smaller boobs before, generally these days feature curvier models. They are trying to focus on body diversity with even curvier models especially this year. I just don't see candice in it thats all. I'm sure many swimwear companies are lining up to have her as their face!
  14. Maybe now vs doesn't have swim she has a chance with si. Although let's face it sports illustrated loves a bigger bust...