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  1. She looks amazing!
  2. Well Candice is amazing. Lets face it these outfits are kind of terrible but she still looks incredible.
  3. People are so intense! I love Candice but am a little freaked out by some fans lol
  4. Mistake by ed. Wrong Lais!
  5. Ed Razek just tagged literally all the angels in his latest post except Behati . She is not coming to Aspen or back to VS it seems...
  6. I doubt she would have gone from brazil to africa and back again. That pic of Anaca was probably taken when she was their originally and just posted later
  7. Hoping she will! She has shot for vs sport and vs lingerie lately. She hasn't been in it for a few years so I am praying she goes!
  8. Love Adri and Irina so much but they don't look good on this cover. So disappointed.
  9. Finally! Was waiting for these new vs pics. Thanks so much @MissNessie
  10. VS is trying so hard to promote underwear as clothing in their photoshoots. They keep trying to start this trend on instagram by having underwear as everyday clothing. The VSFS 2017 will be bralettes with jeans
  11. Got called a troll on one on my first posts lol. We can be fans without being positive about everything. I think Candice is AMAZING but love a bit of discussion on her career, positive or negative. Was a lurker for a while also so welcome
  12. Russell James is setting up for a shoot on the great wall. John Pfeiffer is also their so obviously a shoot for vsfs! Curious to see what angels are also in china as their social media has them located all around the world....
  13. I have never seen that particular shot before so new to me!
  14. Not new. From vs swim shoot a few years back
  15. Agreed. Vs have a social media team who most likely know as little about the vs show as us! They work purely to promote products and run social media accounts. They probaly have an intern monitoring and replying to comments lol