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  1. Wow stunning! Thought I was over the see through dress trend but loved Candice at the Tony awards. Thanks for all the updates everyone xx
  2. There would be a huge amount of time between the shoot and the magazine's release if that were the case. Fashion houses would have new collections to advertise by then also ☺
  3. Hopefully! I'm just impatient
  4. Joan Smalls on the cover of Vogue Brazil... not Candice joan looks amazing but I was hoping Candice would get a Vogue cover!
  5. Wow so gorgeous! Thanks for all the photos 😚
  6. More vs shoots happen without her. I feel like her contract may have changed to be similar to Adrianas (just do holiday commercials and the vsfs).
  7. I loved taylor's eyes! It was my favorite makeup on the night. The dress was a beautiful colour but I didn't like the fit. The makeup elevated her whole look.
  8. @Jomm wow if dailymail users are saying nice things that is amazing!! I loved the hair and make up and the dress is something new for her and suited her perfectly. Doesn't fit the theme at all but I honestly don't care about that.
  9. I love this!
  10. Such a stunning girl! Love the hair on the vogue cover. Such a different look for her😘
  11. It really suprises me that the agents of all of these major models allowed them to promote such a fiasco (fyre). I feel sorry for them. Even from Australia it made headline news! Also, sad to see her in miami and not NY. Wanted to see her at met gala.
  12. She is the most gorgeous women on the planet but her met gala looks have been very safe. She kind of blends in and if she goes on Monday I would love to see her wearing something a litlle more risky. Although, designers generally choose the dresses for the models.
  13. Can't wait for candice to shoot for vs again! Im hoping she is going to do more than Ale and adri, but more shoots happen without her 😑
  14. Candice looks amazing in biotherm! Her skin is flawless. Also I hope they will keep candice and stella for max factor. Stella has a great face for it and so does candice! The Australian max factor account posted a pic of candice more recently than stella so I believe her contract is safe.
  15. Love love the elle cover. Minimal photoshop and Elsa looks fierce 😍