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Candice Swanepoel


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42 minutes ago, christinaD said:


i hope she got better wings with the other outifit

Her baby is BOMB


Her body and ass are the highlights from the show, so many people praising it right now. Best body ever!

I was pissed that they gave her a t-shirt for the second outfit, but at least she opened a segment. She is the only veteran angel that got something, Adriana closed the show because she is leaving. We can't be ungrateful, and now that Adri is gone she is HBIC, main face of VS, so I will not complain anymore about VS covering her body in her second outfit. 

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Candice fantastic, an incredible body, what I did not like are the outfits, the first I diden't like anything and the second half, the lingerie is very beautiful and sexy but lacked something else, at least she has been able to show her beautiful body.

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Her second look is actually starting to grow on me, I'd rather the little shirt than the dress outfits some got. The lesser of two evils. 


Love her pink carpet look, glad they didn't style her hair in a tight ponytail. 

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