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  1. I'm going to jump off a bridge. 😭
  2. I am leaving this forum indefinitely, I will continue to watch it to be aware of the news about Candice but I will stop participating and commenting on it. I know myself, I enter the rag of provocations and then I am the victim, I do not want to have any dealings with certain people, I am not interested in arguing with them at all, I am only interested in Candice, especially as a human being.
  3. I do not understand why I have been warned, I have been the victim of Merper's attack and I have been the one who has reported him. He is the one who should be warned at least by his action.

  4. 88884144_286117719709004_481425609048195_n (1) .mp4
  5. Her body is awesome. If I were a woman and had that great body, I would also like to be at the beach every day. 😍
  6. I love Candice's waist, I love everything. Everything about her is beauty and harmony. She is a very special woman, she radiates light and good vibes, I love the sweetness of her and the way she is, she is really adorable. ❤️
  7. 98683974_255399156236391_6977913495042037044_n.mp4
  8. Sexy tennis. Candice does everything with elegance and style. 😍 T1 (1)-merge.mp4 T4.mp4
  9. 54948319_1094523420958484_3574052104327473684_n.mp4
  10. 79614339_169942974936734_3006563842965869425_n.mp4
  11. 98625096_740595229928716_2884166711472362807_n.mp4 98622950_1146346932472087_2244049405334988047_n.mp4
  12. 88710927_104933348224924_8183283868080365412_n (1) .mp4
  13. Candice is from another planet, 32 years old, 2 children and better than ever. 😍
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