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  1. Here each one makes his own film, we really do not know absolutely anything about that relationship, if there has been one. Right now what it commands is quarantine, and Candice is with what matters most to her, with her children.
  2. She is a very spiritual woman, that must also be taken into account.
  3. You know Candice very little, do you really think that Candice cares that a man is rich or famous? She seeks other things that go beyond the merely physical and material.
  4. Into the Wild with Candice Swanepoel and David Yarrow https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/wild-candice-swanepoel-david-yarrow-181603898.html You can download this video online here https://videocyborg.com/a
  5. Candice, stay home with your children, don't go to the beach, it's very dangerous.
  6. 74824894_236628800841641_6091619846872344921_n.mp4
  7. Tommy Hilfiger Icons comemora o 35 aniversrio da marca - Vdeos - Mxima.mp4
  8. Beautiful and very elegant with that Oscar de la Renta dress, she should participate more in the catwalks of this designer who has such good taste.
  9. It is one of the best dresses that Candice has worn. The best without a doubt of the gala, ahead with that short seems a diva of the cinema of the 50s, and behind a fairytale princess, is pure cintematographic magic. 76268022_2409295236050746_3683684417083256251_n.mp4 77375677_527757881430579_6996508368061852533_n.mp4
  10. 77125157_507536426567732_8251895633659132789_n.mp4
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