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  1. Yeah it was in 2011 after the swim event (very end of March or beginning of April?), there were rumours but nothing concrete really, just people saying he had his people scrambling for her number afterwards lol
  2. Candice and Irina at the Versace after party, from 10magazine's stories 1985180375823116577_222566136.mp4
  3. So she is wearing new Tropic of C in Vogue Turkey?
  4. That’s Oscar de la renta resort 2011 I think or 2012? Hermann walked in it too if I’m not mistaken, it was in Mexico City
  5. https://www.harpersbazaar.com/fashion/trends/g1766/holiday-style-tips/ don't remember seeing this posted, Candice featured on their piece on holiday style inspiration in that yellow dress and blue faux fur coat it seems a better quality pic than iv'e seen of this outfit so far too
  6. probably because of all the stink it caused, literally every comment under that pic is from people questioning him about a break up, his latest post is just random pics of him in the car with his surfboard that's captioned 'Broke nobody' (according to translator)
  7. ugh, so disappointed with her wings, the Celestial ones look like they may be pretty in better quality but couldn't they have been bigger for more of a statement?
  8. I got quite defensive of the pic, sorry about that, in my mind i was like "I KNOW MY CANDICE" haha
  9. it is 2009 and it is Candice, from behind, without the wings or bodice for the Enchanted Forest segment
  10. backstage secrets of Candice from vs 2009 posted to Russells stories
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