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Candice Swanepoel


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#NEWS The 2015 Fantasy Bra reveal is on November 2 at the Victoria’s Secret store in Santa Monica.




Yeah, it's also on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/837877749665932/


This kinda sucks. If it's Candice I will make it a point to go, stand in line, whatever just to have a chance to meet her. But I really don't care about any other angel to go and do that.


Hopefully someone can leak the news before the reveal.

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I really don't think that Candice have a chance to get the fantasy bra.

Btw, she doesn't need a million dollar bra to shine, she can shine by herself.


She had the best outfits out of everyone last year. So, you're right!  :chicken: She was talked about a lot.

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i just called the store and the manager I spoke with said they believe it's either Behati, Lily or Candice.


One way we might be able to find out earlier is by monitoring paparazzi and twitter between Friday night and Sunday night. At some point, whichever model it is will have to fly into LAX and typically the pap's have a way of knowing and getting photos of them.


Whichever VS model is spotted flying in over the weekend would overwhelmingly be the likely choice as the only other reason to be flying in would be some other coincidental booking elsewhere.

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Why do you even care so much? Calling the store, "monitoring" social media?

C'mon now...


Yeah, I live 3 miles from the store but I also work at 4pm local time and the event or "meet the model" portion is supposed to be from 3-4 so if i go I need to be a bit late for work.


So, ideally, I'd only risk being late for my job if it's Candice because she my personal favorite and, IMHO, best VS model in history. If it's any of the others, while also being beautiful woman, I wouldn't go and risk something like my job for it.

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