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  1. Kendall is skipping out on the after party.
  2. Shanina only got one outfit??
  3. Taylor & Lais - After party.
  4. Okay but, this Barbara look isn’t the greatest but she’s really making it look hot. Those legs. The attitude. She managed to work it.
  5. I have some of Grace and... 😻
  6. How do I post them in correct threads? Should I do it by segments and backstage all together?
  7. Is it okay if I keep posting looks here to get an idea of what the models wore?
  8. Backstage - Avoid quoting the whole set of photos!
  9. Candice, Adriana and Elsa’s FB.
  10. Taylor Hill, Romee Strijd, Candice Swanepoel and Barbara Palvin.
  11. I have a lot of photos to post from the runaway!
  12. Not sure if anyone has seen these outfits.
  13. 0FAAF98B-9C5C-4F19-9AA5-AD9E8F5402AF.MP4 4A78A665-9CD8-43B3-9F64-06E1883C4303.MP4
  14. 53488134-F8FE-4C34-8492-D29D5DEF776E.MP4 27D0DA27-5EB2-45A9-BAAF-AC7AEEAB0118.MP4
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