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    Finding out why members on here think they know everything and harass other members when most of what is being discussed is a matter of opinion. Internet bullies are an interesting breed of scumbag.

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  1. ^^ pretty sure she does... it's not uncommon for models, they are constantly worrying about so many things (body weight, look, booking shoots or other jobs, life after modeling, etc.)
  2. ^boring black and white... it almost makes me more angry than if there was no nudity at all
  3. I sure hope that isn't true. You would think that she'd be a focal point this year due to returning from missing last year. Plus, by the time it is filmed in a few months she should be well over all pregnancy-related body issues one would think. Unless, of course, she's planning on being pregnant again...
  4. I'd have to watch this to get a better understanding of how she said it. Was it "none" in a depressing way that was more like it all wasn't worth it and she regrets her life? Or was it "none" as in, there are so many great memories it's hard to pick the "best" kind of way?
  5. it's mind blowing to me that she still won't do colored nudity. Every nude photo of her is black and white.... so boring
  6. I truly believe her SI Swimsuit layout this year was the best of any model including Kate Upton and yet they won't bring her back cause she didn't win the rookie contest thing... so frustrating
  7. I knew she had a boyfriend. Had no idea she is married...
  8. I had the same reaction. I feel like whenever there is quality video of her in a thong and they go "As far" as to show some tush, they go black and white or give it some other stupid effect.
  9. 1) I enjoy these live videos and hope they do them more often. 2) She looks phenomenal. 3) Only slight disappointment is that there wasn't even a quick glimpse of her glorious booty. You'd think she'd turn around just once at least. oh well....
  10. VS wants all their models to be as thin as a pole with minimal curves. Vita looked great for SI Swimsuit, especially with that plump/round booty of hers.
  11. ^ I've been saying it for a while... if some of the photographers that have shot with her repeatedly over the years released a behind-the-scenes DVD of her work with unseen photos and videos taken at the shoots they'd make a fortune.
  12. maybe the lower half of her body isn't back into the shape we all hope and expect it to be so she purposely wore a massive dress to hide it all?
  13. I enjoy her face/hair... can't stand the dress.... looks like she's attending a funeral
  14. seriously, it's pretty annoying... thread is 1,924 pages and every photo of her has been posted at least once already but sure let's go ahead and spam the thread with dozens of the same photos again...
  15. I know Candice has been open about sharing pictures of her baby, but do you all think it's really appropriate to be posting him on a forum? This thread is about Candice and her career. And while no troll has stumbled in here and said anything negative about the child (thank goodness) and Candice herself has no problem sharing him with her fans via social media, is it really fair game to put a child in a forum? Maybe it's just me, but it just feels strange to pop into a thread about a supermodel and see posts of her baby. Usually children are off limits as far as posting them on the internet.