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    Finding out why members on here think they know everything and harass other members when most of what is being discussed is a matter of opinion. Internet bullies are an interesting breed of scumbag.

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  1. seriously, it's pretty annoying... thread is 1,924 pages and every photo of her has been posted at least once already but sure let's go ahead and spam the thread with dozens of the same photos again...
  2. I know Candice has been open about sharing pictures of her baby, but do you all think it's really appropriate to be posting him on a forum? This thread is about Candice and her career. And while no troll has stumbled in here and said anything negative about the child (thank goodness) and Candice herself has no problem sharing him with her fans via social media, is it really fair game to put a child in a forum? Maybe it's just me, but it just feels strange to pop into a thread about a supermodel and see posts of her baby. Usually children are off limits as far as posting them on the internet.
  3. ^ Looks like the cover of a porn movie, haha Granted, hopefully there's more awesome nude photos of her in the book
  4. In fairness, Vita has been with Victoria's Secret for, what, 2 years? Candice wasn't as famous early in her career either. It takes time for most models to work their way up to Candice's level of fame. I am just saying that I think her look, her body and her apparent playful attitude and willing to do some risque shoots makes her someone who could... in 2-5 years be as big/famous as Candice.
  5. I thought her SI Swimsuit spread was phenomenal and her videos were the best of the whole bunch this year. I know she didn't win "rookie of the year" but it would be stupid of them not to bring her back next year. Also, just my 2 cents, I think she has the potential to be the next Candice Swanepoel.
  6. I have long thought it's highly possible she doesn't return and just retires to start a big family of her own. She has reached the mountain top in the industry, has nothing left to do, is super wealthy and clearly loves being a mother. I was just afraid to ever voice that opinion because of exactly how people are reacting on here. It's not even a negative opinion, it's just a different opinion from the "can't wait for her return, she'll be amazing" crowd. With that said, I do wonder, since she is probably under contract still for a number of brands, if there are enough unreleased content, especially photos, for companies to go back and use for campaigns if she decides not to return? Thoughts?
  7. Agree with you. I've actually got my money on her getting pregnant again before returning.
  8. ^^^ I always thought she was too skinny early in her career (2007-2010) and looked much better with just a few more pounds on her. Her body transformation is clear in that video. Her body, IMHO, over the last 4-5 years was at its peak in my eyes.
  9. This is one of many women's health/body issues men have no say in. Or shouldn't anyways. If a woman wants to breastfeed her child in public that is her choice. If men feel uncomfortable by it, look away. It is that simple. Men do not get.... or should not get... to control women to the point some, unfortunately, want to do. Furthermore, yes, I agree with her. If you're ok looking at a nude breast in a magazine or video but not ok seeing it briefly functioning in the way it was intended to, then you're a massive hypocrite who needs to grow up.
  10. @DaniL just curious if you ever got the photo I sent to your modeling agency to sign? No rush of course, I know you've been traveling a lot lately. If you don't check back in here for a while, Happy Holidays!
  11. Happy Birthday @DaniL Hope it was a great one!
  12. Candice not walking in the VSFS is just the beginning of the end. She will never again be the same after giving birth. Everyone should freak out and go into mourning. (There is a strong chance I am drunk and trolling right now)
  13. Welp, no reason for me to watch the show this year. Granted, it was pretty obvious from the day she announced her pregnancy that she wasn't going to be in the show. Just not enough time to get ready. Poor planning/timing. Oh well.
  14. @DaniL Just wanted to let you know, I put the photo in the mail today... should be there early next week... Just a heads up, I included an envelope addressed back to me... however, the post office wouldn't let me pay for postage/tracking number for it because they don't know how much it would weigh. So, if IMG can pay the $2 or $3 to send it back and I will gladly reimburse them I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  15. Awesome, thank you! Will send it soon!