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    Finding out why members on here think they know everything and harass other members when most of what is being discussed is a matter of opinion. Internet bullies are an interesting breed of scumbag.

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  1. Kate Upton

    I think a lot of it has to do with personal preference... 1) she wasn't overly nice or full of joy so the lack of outgoing personality hurt in my view 2) I think, maybe, my expectations were too high. As I said before, we're talking about a 3-time SI Swimsuit magazine cover model with hundreds of photos that are airbrushed... the mind expects that, the reality isn't that... not that the reality is bad, it's just not the perfection we see in photos 3) Alexandra Daddario is my absolute celebrity crush. I hold her in the highest regard, and having met her 3 times now, she never disappoints. By comparison, Kate just didn't measure up in my eyes.
  2. Kate Upton

    To be completely honest I wasn’t impressed. I mean don’t get me wrong. Beautiful woman I’d do anything for a night with. But in context of “world famous swimsuit cover model” she disappointed in person in terms of looks. Just my opinion though.
  3. Kate Upton

    No, unfortunately not. She was not very nice to fans. I mean, yes I got her to sign the poster so she was willing to do some autographs but she gave off a very cold vibe. I didn't even ask for a photo with her cause I had a bad feeling. Contrast that to Alexandra Daddario (also in the movie) who was at the premiere as well and Alex is just such a sweetheart and very down to earth. Took time to sign for all 40-50 fans there, interact, take photos. Speaking to some other guys who live out here in Hollywood and have met Kate a few times they said she was very fun and outgoing to people when she first got into the spotlight but had a real change, like complete 180, after the nude photos leaked. I guess I can kind of understand it as she lost faith/trust in people.
  4. Kate Upton

    Hi everyone, I got to meet Kate at "The Layover" movie premiere in Hollywood about a month ago and got her to autograph a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine cover poster for me. Money has been tight lately so I am looking to sell it and would like for another true fan of hers to have it. If you might be interested, you can check it out here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/112590607572?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thank you
  5. Candice Swanepoel

    I do agree her face looks slightly off/different from what it used to. I chalked it up to pre and post pregnancy and nothing more but I could be wrong of course. Maybe it's just how they're doing her makeup for different shoots/shows? For instance, whenever she walks for Givenchy their makeup team makes her look (IMHO) pretty scary/bad but they do it on purpose to match their style. Anyways, I certainly hope she isn't doing any cosmetic surgery but if she is it's her life and she's entitled to do whatever she feels she needs or wants to do to stay near the top of the modeling world.
  6. Vita Sidorkina

    ahhh ok, I didn't know any of that RE: Rookies returning or not... I was basing it off the fact Daniela Lopez Osorio didn't return after her rookie year and didn't win the contest... my bad
  7. Vita Sidorkina

    i 100% agree she was the best of them all last year unfortunately, I think they only bring back 1 rookie, the "winner" of the contest and she didn't win it
  8. Candice Swanepoel

    Anyone know if she's in LA for some specific event other than a photoshoot? Asking cause I live in LA and if she's going to be attending something I'd love to go to the venue and try meeting her. Thanks in advance.
  9. Genevieve Morton

    ^^ pretty sure she does... it's not uncommon for models, they are constantly worrying about so many things (body weight, look, booking shoots or other jobs, life after modeling, etc.)
  10. Genevieve Morton

    ^boring black and white... it almost makes me more angry than if there was no nudity at all
  11. Candice Swanepoel

    I sure hope that isn't true. You would think that she'd be a focal point this year due to returning from missing last year. Plus, by the time it is filmed in a few months she should be well over all pregnancy-related body issues one would think. Unless, of course, she's planning on being pregnant again...
  12. Genevieve Morton

    I'd have to watch this to get a better understanding of how she said it. Was it "none" in a depressing way that was more like it all wasn't worth it and she regrets her life? Or was it "none" as in, there are so many great memories it's hard to pick the "best" kind of way?
  13. Genevieve Morton

    it's mind blowing to me that she still won't do colored nudity. Every nude photo of her is black and white.... so boring
  14. Vita Sidorkina

    I truly believe her SI Swimsuit layout this year was the best of any model including Kate Upton and yet they won't bring her back cause she didn't win the rookie contest thing... so frustrating
  15. Vita Sidorkina

    I knew she had a boyfriend. Had no idea she is married...