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  1. So so adorable. Thanks for the add. Can you imagine, this girl will be a mommy soon. I'm so happpy for her and Hermann
  2. angelcandices Agora vai ser #barrigapositiva ! ???? I'm so happy for them
  3. Someone has managed to have the video, I can not download on Yahoo : '(
  4. Someone has managed to have the video, I can not download on Yahoo : '(
  5. Better quality and thanks everyone for adds
  6. nomadrj : In a galaxy far far away... @angelcandices #somethingbigiscoming
  7. angelcandicesDesert child ❤️ #abudhabi
  8. angelcandices : Making friends in Abu Dhabi ????
  9. I had made a mistake in editing, the site is so slow ... but I corrected and that I put, it doesn't seem to have seen the previous page
  10. I'm totally in love with these photos. Biotherm has made the best choice with candice in egery seriously. I love her in their campaign. So elegant and natural.
  11. OMG I love so much Canidice in this video her appearances are perfects, I regret that we don't see her, as often as Sara, Behati or Lily ...
  12. This is everything, She needs to have a statue definitely , such a goddess
  13. Finally, Laura back in style. Thank you for all uploads
  14. I think she shoot in an other location than Mustique. I had seen on instagram account of one of the members vs team, I don't remember which but other than mustique Islands
  15. Candice shooting her own VS SWIM ahah even better
  16. She posted them today on themermaidfiles instagram but I think the Candice and lily photo was taken before the show
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