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Elsa Hosk


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I think she looks stunning the bra and I am soooo happy for her!!! 


I don't like her outfit at the Plaza Hotel place, but whatever. She makes up for it with her pretty face....now that her lips don't look so bad. I hope she keeps them depuffed for the show. 


I wanted Candice to get it because I think she deserves anther one, but Elsa totally deserves this and it's  the perfect bra for her. Elsa is one of my favorite Angels. 

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I already saw the reveal video like a thousand times, and I cried but the unedited one made me cry even more, I feel like a proud mother. She is rocking it. I thought she would be more active on IG since she is the star of the show but I was wrong, she still a bitch. The star of the show is a bitch and I love her.

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That's not that unusual tbh. I don't know exact name, but a friend of mine had a dental procedure where they take your blood, add some stuff to it and then they inject it into your gums.

It's very painful but it helps threat gum decease. Stops your teeth becoming loose. I guess it's one of these stem cells treatments. This is probably something similar. They inject your own cells back into you.



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