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  1. Ah, a ManU fan. That makes sense for the stupid comment.
  2. {name}

    Sydney Sweeney

    I just watched The Handmaidens Tale and uhhhhh this is quite the contrast.
  3. The top of every page literally says this content isn’t allowed.
  4. Kinda of looks like Kamila Davies’ older sister.
  5. The woman has an incredible face.
  6. She’s like the “girl next door” dialed up to 11.
  7. Her legs are longer than my whole life.
  8. She’s really pretty but I think her make up suits her better when it appears more natural. She doesn’t have to dial it up to 10 to look interesting.
  9. Her Instagram story of her in a green bikini is...unreal. I don’t know how to post it.
  10. I don't know a ton about her but I thought she looked interesting so, here she is. From London, UK AGE 25 HEIGHT 169cm / 5´7” EYES Green DRESS 34 EU, 6 UK, 4 US Instagram
  11. This should probably be moved to Actresses. That is her primary profession.
  12. If you could build a perfect French woman... Any new stuff?
  13. I think she’s tragically underrated as an icon in this profession. Sure she’s done everything I think you can do but I think she’s iconic.
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