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VSFS 2018 Awards;


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Gigi Hadid
Overall Look: 7/10 (This is actually a decent outfit if it wasn't for the mismatched color schemes and the tacky jewelry. Love the shoes though)


Sara Sampaio

Wings: 7.5/10 (Nice design but poorly made & decorated that it looks kinda cheap)

Overall Look: 8.5/10 (The corset is weirdly designed. The "V" shape looks strange. Again love the shoes)

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Round 3:



Overall look: 5

Not great, but not really bad either. The colors are clashing worse than Aidens to me. :DanniCullen:



Wings: 6

The structure was too thin to really show up in the lighting. :/


Overall look: 8

Edited by CandleVixen
Forgot to add Overall look to Sara’s look
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