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1 hour ago, medicenevs said:

No putting mascara till the end is actually really smart because with all the walking it can end up looking all messed up.


Yeah, but its not her trying to be smart lol. Its just, IDK what been going backstage with her lol. Its a running joke in her thread, how she looks backstage, is NEVER how she looks on that runway. Sometimes she looks real good backstage and then on the runway, her hair gets messy or her makeup is something. It really bugged me in 2014 that she had nothing on her lips. It has to be the fact that she does interviews alot.

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20 hours ago, Prettyphile said:

I legit have to prep myself for tomorrow :rofl: It's actually a pretty stressful time for me. Last year I had close to 200 PM's of people begging me to get such and such set of pictures *CANDICE FANS* and if I didn't answer them quick enough I got shit. 



You are always so helpful getting us some great quality pics, I can imagine all the work. Ty in advance for everything :blush::blush::blush::blush:

If I could help in a way just say it please.


Btw.. Do you watch gaming streams on twitch? I wanted to ask you this some time ago because I see you saying some emotes like omegalul haha



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