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2 minutes ago, Miss Bathory said:

Lais unfollowed Taylor .. and look like Taylor Unfollowed Lais to (?)  just saw

Lais unfollowed her but I think it was by an accident. Lais just posted a storie showing Taylor and saying how cute she is. 

And no, Taylor follows Lais. 

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2 minutes ago, Dipit said:

Random observation, That isn't Bella's normal phone. 


Does the show have them using a different one for press? Idk.

Maybe she was just doing an IG story for a magazine or something

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14 minutes ago, GioGrace said:

honestly I feel like Sara is so underated and she could be so much more if VS gave her some credit.... instead we have people like Josephine and Taylor who get so much better outfits and everything each year 

I remember Sara having one bad outfit (last year).
She can take Jo's outfit this year if that'll make you happy. :)
JK. I like Sara. I actually thought she would get the SO this year.

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