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  1. Lol at questions about, "did she get to keep the wings?"...budget, people...she only got to keep the "A"!
  2. I know! Its a letdown after all the excitement yesterday ...I actually hear tumbleweeds
  3. so, you mean a thank you
  4. she is staying for the meantime..but my not stay until the next show..I think we will lose an angel a year for the next few years out of the OG angel group
  5. WAIT!! there's more than one!!???
  6. I think the show will look good..its a mixed bag- some really gorgeous segments with some godawful ones
  7. I wonder if this collaboration will have the exact opposite affect on her career as a designer 🤔
  8. Thanks! I like all the Angels outfits in this segment (except Lais)😕
  9. Wow! Jasmine looks amazing
  10. I just watched the montage she posted on her instagram of all her walks...it gave me chills!
  11. Idk..the runway looks kind of short...I hope that means less cutting from girl to girl with the edits
  12. Yeah..Bellazon Bill..he is like the mascot of this thread..him and @Prettyphile 's creepy spiders
  13. +1..Martha also didn't get anything special
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