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5 minutes ago, phang.s said:

The thing is the comment isn’t being sarcastic 8F3566F6-81B0-4665-901B-700AD8D54CFC.thumb.jpeg.34202cf5e96e32c976d0a201293378c2.jpeg

And the thing is that hiring plain models like Behati was actually VS downfall. As soon as they dropped bombshells to please politically correct "everybody is beautiful" we need ordinary girl with flaws crowd they bombed hard. 

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6 minutes ago, freevsangel said:

Stepping to another theme... ROMEE OBVIOUSLY HAD HER TITS REDONE 


Well that's definitely why she took a social media break. But I'm happy she did it, hope it looks better in the show 

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Compared with previous FBs that were colourful, had centre stones the size of eggs and were made with real stones and precious metal, it does seem a bit of a stinker that Elsa gets a barely there bralette fb made with simulant stones, set in shitty sterling silver with a centre stone the size of a peanut. 

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Just now, starss said:

Martha :cry2:


Martha got the SO in 2015. Meanwhile Romee, Sara, Stella have gotten literally nothing. Taylor is opening the show this year so she gets to join the "I did something cool" club, I'm hoping Romee got the SO this year but I think it's Jasmine. 

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2 minutes ago, Clauds said:

The comments on the VS IG post are gold :rofl:




not super into the weird chain?


But this is definitely something only she could rock. I've been wanting Bee to get a FB forever now but this wouldn't look good on her at all and yeah unless it's next year I doubt she's getting one. Wouldn't mind next year going to an OA if whoever it is sticking around though after having three years of NA. 

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Let me rant a Little.  Okay here we go...lol


so there are over 2100 stones, and only 71.05 carats, so that means each stone is .03 of a carat???? Or something around there..... I’m sorry but WHAT??? Maybe I read it wrong...🤔


The Fantasy bra definitely had potential, I mean I went to the TIFFANYS Diamond site and looked up 1 carat diamond(because the size of the stones looked like 1 carat sizes) and the estimate is around 5 to 9 thousand, so I just chose $6,000 for one carat price guide/reference. 


now Imagine Vs used 1200, 1 carat Diamonds, $6,000 x 1200(diamonds) = 7.2 Million(YASSS) 

not to mention the middle stone piece. 


Next is.....1/2 carat is approx $1,500 to $4,000, so I chose $2,500 for 1/2 carat. 


$2,500 x 1200(stones) = 3million


so we could’ve had a potential 7.2 Mil bra or a 3 million, roughly, and the labor cost and all the other good stuff. But since they’re factory made. 😐


so the potential was there but......idk. My two cents. (Ps I’m not a mathematician so don’t come form me if my math is off) 🤪

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I think the ship has sailed for all the OA tbh, from now and on I can see VS giving everything to the NA. I doubt Adriana will get her record 4th or that Candice will join the 2 FB club.


EDIT: I also love that VS moved to factory made diamonds this year, they are cheaper but at least no one had to die for them 

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