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De Lovely Tiiu vs. De Lovely Mona


Tiiu Kuik vs. Mona Johannesson  

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  1. 1. Who?

    • Tiiu Kuik
    • Mona Johannesson
    • They are both amazing.

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Tiiu Kuik vs. Mona Johannesson

I am interesting to see the outcome, and honestly to be frank with you all, I never made a poll so I wanted too :blah: But I know how it will turn out :whistle: which asks the question, why the poll, :shifty:

I do not want any funny business, simply who rocks your socks more. :shifty: That means in your post its should say 1 of 2 things either "Tiiu/Mona" or "Both" and why. I DO NOT WANT TO HERE WHY YOU DON'T LIKE THE OTHER ONE, this is a not a hate poll. If you do not like any of them, simply do not reply and go about your day (which I hope is going fantastic). Thank you and remember, no funny business :shifty: do not make me get any shiftier. And if this poll has been made before, then you should have even mro reasons why you like them :p

And so the lovely ladies:


PS I love both of them :wub: :shifty: They are both fresh, new, not to mention beautiful. They know how to walk the runway, and there editorials are just stunning. They have class and style and that is why they rock my socks. A hat to both of you. :p

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