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  1. Hello to all the beautiful Bellazonians ! I hope I'm not breaking any rules here by showing you this link. I know it has nothing to do with fashion but since this forum is a wonderful place and people are so nice, I thought perhaps someone might be interested and willing to do something wonderful People from all over the world are signing to support the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. The only information you have to give is your name and surname, the country you are from, and if you are 18 year old or younger. By signing the Declaration you are helping to establish the world's first international agreement on animal welfare. The Universal Declaration is an agreement among people and nations to recognise that animals are sentient beings and can suffer, to respect their welfare needs, and to end animal cruelty - for good. The final destination for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare will be the General Assembly of the United Nations. http://www.animalsmatter.org/Default.asp?language=english I hope someone will be interested Thanks in advance !! XOXO Caroline
  2. Hello Nika !!

    Such a long time since we last talked ! I miss you a lot !!!!!

    Luv ya ! :*

  3. :evil: ain't that normal??? have you ever spent two days without eating?
  4. {name}

    I Am...

    chatting with someone wonderful
  5. Yes ! Have you ever wanted to punch your teacher's face?
  6. Paige, beautiful Paige ! You like Charlie Brown.... girl, you're perfect !!! :D

  7. I like you Caroline You know every BZ members like you Thank you
  8. {name}

    I Am...

    you did, but ok, if you say you didn't.... as long as you are happy, i'm happy, too
  9. oh...... likes Matthi and Matthi likes her
  10. {name}

    I Am...

    But you've posted about your ex-girlfriend sooo many times.... Cheer up, darling
  11. {name}

    I Am...

    haven't I heard that before? But I'm glad, so glad to see you again ! I thought you had forgotten about me
  12. {name}

    I Am...

    HUGGING and KISSING Matthi , reading the posts and seeing how he didn't prevent himself from flirting during my absense :persuazn: (sorry, I forgot how to spell "absen*e)
  13. {name}

    I Am...

    Hungry now that you say that ! And my fridge is empty, my goodness !
  14. I just want to say thanks everybody for your sweet messages, and especially thank to Party.in.Paris and midnight lady, two girls who have always supported me :hug: I love you, girls!

  15. {name}

    I Am...

    I say the same. All the best to you, lovely !
  16. Puzerko means bubble in Russian? :persuazn: Yeah, what does that mean??? Changed her avi and this one is even hotter :evil:
  17. cancelled his trip to New York
  18. {name}

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    school...... why did God created that one? I'm glad to hear you're doing fine
  19. {name}

    I Am...

    Happy to be back, and very busy. How are you? Is this 2007 bringing good things to your life?
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