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SI Swimsuit Image Competition - RESULTS

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Anne V. (2013)
Bar Refaeli (2008) 50 - This is easily my favorite picture ever from Sports Illustrated, the love is real and this shoot was just pure perfection:heart: 
Cintia Dicker (2013)
Emily DiDonato (2014)
Kate Upton (2014)

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Round 7

You have 50 points to distribute among the 5 photos below. "0" are allowed as long as all 50 points are distributed. You could give all 50 points to one photo if you like. Use whatever criteria you want in your scoring. Here are some ideas:

- How well would the image work as a SI cover (in some cases a fold-out cover)?

- How aesthetically pleasing is the image?

- How much mass appeal does the image have?

- Would the image persuade the average consumer to purchase the magazine?

- How good of a representation is the image of SI?


NOTE: Some rounds may have the same model from the same year/location but a different image. A letter of "A" or "B" after the image's year will indicate how you will enter your vote for that image.


hqUqXIEa.jpg mwcWjpvU.jpg

Bar Refaeli (2007), Brooklyn Decker (2008)

qaSJ0rbP.jpg frmbPFYV.jpg JoK0E3Ke.jpg

Marisa Miller (2007), Nina Agdal (2015), Rose Bertram (2015)




Copy & Paste the following onto a new post to score:

Bar Refaeli (2007)
Brooklyn Decker (2008)
Marisa Miller (2007) 
Nina Agdal (2015)
Rose Bertram (2015)

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