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The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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Georgia’s green ensemble is very pretty. Sui He is wearing a full-on outfit, a costume. It’s not fit for a lingerie show. VS has really moved away from that, which is a bit sad. They are covering up a lot of girls almost from head to toe.


The wings seem to make Grace look short.

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19 minutes ago, AngelAshley94 said:

Agreed! She lost her parents during the civil war in Angola and was raised by her siblings in poverty and now she's one of the top and in demand black models in the industry! She's truly a Cinderella story and I'm so proud of her! <3


Wow never knew that, that's amazing. She really stands out among all the models too 

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16 minutes ago, TKC said:

How sway??? Jojo got more than enough this year


Naah not enough as an Angel in the show, yeah she got the Swarovski outfit but wish she could've had decent wings. You know, the ones that actually look like Wings so that she doesn't look like a regular 

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