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Miss Popularity... RESULTS

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Marisa Miller
Cara Delevingne
Kendra Spears

Team Score: 300

MPV: Marisa - 134 pts




Catrinel Menghia
Alicia Ruelas
Jessica Gomes


Team Score: 150

MPV: Alica - 60.5 pts


All scores will  be revealed at the end of the competition

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M I S S . P O P U L A R I T Y



post-1004-0-1446166063-35332_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-37266_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-39248_thumb.jpg

post-1004-0-1446166063-41307_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-42096_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-42973_thumb.jpg

post-1004-0-1446166063-43819_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-45622_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-47225_thumb.jpg

Lily Donaldson - Miranda Kerr - Liu Wen



- VS -




post-1004-0-1446166063-48843_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-49949_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-50621_thumb.jpg

post-1004-0-1446166063-52086_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-52751_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-53784_thumb.jpg

post-1004-0-1446166063-5481_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-55409_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446166063-56014_thumb.jpg

Marina Nery - Bryden Jenkins - Bridget Malcolm




You have 15 points to be distributed between the 6 girls.
You can give one girl all 15, or multiple girls a combination of votes but it MUST total 15. Not 10, not 1, not 14.
If your points do not add to 15, then your score won't be counted. This is so it's easier for me to count the final scores.
Lily Donaldson
Miranda Kerr
Liu Wen
Marina Nery
Bryden Jenkins
Bridget Malcolm

Note: All images have been taken from the official instagram or twitter of the models. If a model doesn't have a social media account then I look for fansites, or photographers/sylists/friends of the model linking images of them in their official accounts.
All pairing were made with https://www.randomlists.com/team-generatorI had no hand in who ended up with who.

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Lily Donaldson
Miranda Kerr 1
Liu Wen
Marina Nery

Bryden Jenkins 14
Bridget Malcolm



Lily Donaldson
Miranda Kerr 3
Liu Wen 2
Marina Nery
Bryden Jenkins 10
Bridget Malcolm

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Lily Donaldson       0
Miranda Kerr          0
Liu Wen                 7
Marina Nery           2
Bryden Jenkins      1
Bridget Malcolm     5

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