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The 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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Candice wins as the most orange person at this show. I'm in shock wtf did they do to my girl......

They've done it to Adriana in 2008 and KK in 2010 also. KK in 2010 was especially horrible, she looked like she fell in orange paint!

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I'm nos sure about Lais' outfit... but she looks stunning.


I want to see her Gigi on the runaway... but I love the outfit I have to admit.


The sketches of Gigi and Kendall means Gigi gets two outfits no? And probably Kendall too..., I think the outfits in those sketches looks good, specially Gigi's.

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Everyone is picking on the fake tan this year... lets wait to see it under the runway light, it can change in a massive way. I found them kind of cute, but Candice looks weird..   don´t know why...

Candice is not looking her best, very lackluster makeup on her.


On the other hand, Hung Vango who did selena gomez's makeup as others pointed out, her makeup is on point and what the angels should have.

What is VS thinking, so many years of experimenting and still a mess!

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