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  1. She has a better chance now than ever before of getting a British Vogue Cover for one reason - Edward Enninful is now editor-in-chief. A quick google search indicates there are no pictures of Doutzen and Alexandra Shulman (previous editor) and I can't see Alexandra talking about Doutzen anywhere. Edward on the other hand clearly likes Doutzen. They've done some AMAZING work together and a quick search of his twitter throws up two tweets that hint at his very positive feelings towards her. https://twitter.com/Edward_Enninful/status/824632354400526342/photo/1 Outright calling her a supermodel as well as a supermother and As a Brit, I would love to see her on the stands here at some point soon! ----------------- An interesting comparison - a twitter search of 'Doutzen Edward Enninful' vs 'Doutzen Alexandra Shulman' https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&q=edward enninful doutzen&src=typd Above contains tweets of him saying he loves her, posting throwbacks etc https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&q=alexandra shulman doutzen&src=typd .....and as we would expect, nothing *tumblweed*
  2. doesn't this mean she's walking seventh not opening another section?
  3. New to Joan's forum because I think something is happening with her Instagram account. She (or something/someone) keeps liking hundreds of pictures with the geotags 'Turkey', 'Brazil' and 'United States'??? I hope she hasn't been hacked or anything...
  4. I read a couple of months back in an old article that her dad was in rehab in Scotland. http://www.nu.nl/achterklap/2518493/doutzen-kroes-heeft-rust-vader-afkickt.html Hopefully he is recovered now but sadly it doesn't seem like him and Doutzen have much of a relationship.
  5. He loves anyone with more than a million Instagram followers
  6. Is that Diana Moldovan with Doutzen and Caroline Winberg? I never knew Doutzen and Caroline shared a model apartment.
  7. Hollander you will be pleased she was working in NY today
  8. DJ Ruckus? That would be funny if he did because he's now engaged to Shanina Shaik.
  9. Maybe it will go the other way and they will give you a job as her new booker
  10. That is Fred Howard (the other guy from identity PR). Fred did work at DNA models before though. https://www.linkedin.com/in/fred-howard-2a58206
  11. I think it must be David Bonnouvrier as this picture implies that he had something to do with securing the Glamour Shoot: Although I don't know as he is the founder of DNA and so I don't think he would be acting as an agent to a model?
  12. Ryan Brown from Doutzen's PR agency in NY. http://www.identitytalentpr.com/about-us-1/
  13. I think the problem at the moment is that while Doutzen is still well known the public has lost interest in her to some extent since she left VS, moved back to Amsterdam and dropped off the radar. However, there is already some hype around her being in Wonder Woman and I think that once the movie comes out we will see some renewed interest in her which should help her career. If she wants a 'comeback' her management (Ryan in NY especially) needs to ensure that she gets on some of the late night chat shows with Gal during the promotional tour to put her firmly in the eyes of the public, which should help her to get more fashion work (if that is what Doutzen wants) or more movie work (if she does want to become an actress instead). However if Doutzen does want to just sit back on her millions and enjoy her life with her kids and husband then who can blame her? If she wants to keep working I'm sure she can make it work, but if not she can just relax and enjoy her family.
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