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Designer jeans

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I don't stick to just designer labels, because if you do that - you're not a true fashionista. Being able to select pieces that work well together, without caring about the pricetag or name attached, is what creates great style.

I'm willing to shell out money if the jeans look good and wear well on me. Also, they have to be really comfortable or else it's a no go. I have two pairs of Sevens, two pairs of R&R capris, two pairs of Diesel and one pair of True Religion capris. I also have a pair of Hollister, Levis and A&F.

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I really like American Eagle jeans. No, they aren't designer, but I love the way they fit on me. I don't own any designer jeans yet. I just can't justify spending $100+ on jeans when I can get the same results for $39. For $100 I could get jeans and a cute top!

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I have got 16 pairs of jeans - and 9 of them are AE, all brought from US. I had to pay for the overluggage (jeans is heavy, it comes out...) I dont own any desinger ones, but I would like to get one pair since I wear jeans all the time - and usually one pair for month, hurring my mom to make the laundry over the nite - even if i have 15 other ones... xD

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I own designer jeans, but to be honest, they really don't make that much of a difference.

I'm wearing the most comfortable, and most butt-flattering ones right now and they're my cheapest jeans.

I heard Guess? jeans are really nice, though.

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I have 4 top choices for my jeans, i think i have 2 dependable pairs each..Jeans is like my "national outfit" :laugh: You can be have girly, sporty and smart casual look if you just know how to match it with the right accessories...My fave brands are:

1. Levi's

2. 7 for all mankind

3. Evisu

4. Pepe

5. Lee >> not a really fab brand, but this brand never gave me a hard time fitting!

fashion maze deals

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