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    Designer jeans

    I don't stick to just designer labels, because if you do that - you're not a true fashionista. Being able to select pieces that work well together, without caring about the pricetag or name attached, is what creates great style. I'm willing to shell out money if the jeans look good and wear well on me. Also, they have to be really comfortable or else it's a no go. I have two pairs of Sevens, two pairs of R&R capris, two pairs of Diesel and one pair of True Religion capris. I also have a pair of Hollister, Levis and A&F.
  2. Shelly


    The new Marc by Marc Jacobs store opened here in Chicago just two weeks ago, so I padded my way on over there this past weekend and purchased the Dr. Q Hillier hobo in black. It's beautiful, and I'm so excited about it. :] I like it especially because I've never had a bag like it before cos I'm always used to the standard two handle, tote bags.
  3. Yeah, so he gets to rest for a bit which is gonna be really nice. :]
  4. Just have a quick update for you guys. Joseph emailed my best friend and told her he was back in NYC earlier than expected. So, he's gonna be there until February.
  5. Yeah, he's so busy atm but it's all worth it I guess. =]
  6. OMG. That's the cutest thing I've ever seen! Hahaha. Thankssss. :]
  7. He's the sweetest person ever. We used to jump rope together; he still does. Here's a video of him and his group practicing their routine in 2006. He's in Milan right now until the beginning of February. Then he comes back for a week, then heads to Japan for 6 more.
  8. SICK 'EM. :] Lemme know who's boss. Ahaha.
  10. Shelly

    Lyrics you love

    All that you've tried leaves nothing but holes inside. It seems like you're wired to stay here held in time, cos nothing seems to change, oh no. No, nothing's gonna change at all. I can see it in your face, the hope has gone away. If you hold tight, shadows will be lost in the light. Oh, cos sometimes fate and your dreams will collide. So, don't walk away from me. - JOE BROOKS Oh, a million faces pass my way. Oh, they're all the same; nothing seems to change anytime I look around. Oh, who knows just what the future holds - all I want to know is if it's with you. - PAOLO NUTINI
  11. I LOVE CHERYL [as you can tell, haha]. She's beautiful and so sweet. :]
  12. That third one is photoshopped. Haha. Sorry.
  13. OH, HELLO FELLOW ILLINI! Ahahaha. Destiny - Yes, I know him personally.
  14. Thanks guys! :] ANGEL - Why wouldn't I like my friend? Haha.
  15. Actually, it's the 30th.
  16. Hi, Destiny! Thanks. I plan to! =] If Destiny is your real name, it's gorgeous.
  17. I'm Shelly, as you can tell. I found this place after I searched Joe Edney on Google. Looked like a beautiful forum, so I decided to join! =D I'm 18. I'm Asian. I live in Chicago. I should've been born English. My favourite male models atm: Joe Edney and Alex Pettyfer. My favourite female models atm: Lily Donaldson, Agyness Deyn and Daisy Lowe. My favourite designers atm: Philip Lim, Marc Jacobs and Luella Bartley. Erm, dunno what else to say tbh.
  18. Hey to you too. I'm Michelle/Shelly. And, absolutely. :]
  19. Alex is one of the models in the new, energetic Burberry S/S 2008 ad campaign!
  20. Hey guys, Joseph is a friend of mine. For those that want to know, he's 22.
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