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yay! now try to earn an honest day's PIP pay for the next 1K ;)

^ yes cause in the end you will feel way better about yourself :blush: :p its about having fun :hell yea!:

Congrats, a well deserved clap and hug for you :clap: :hug:

MLA, :yes:

Rhett, I resent you for saying that .. what do you think we do all night !?! lol

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(I thought we weren't going to talk about what we do all night!)

oh, you mean the forum stuff! yeah, that. well, I'm just teasing. myself, I try to not do too many PIPs, but then I don't really care about post count, I just want to fill the BZ world with sarcasm, insanity and suggestive innuendo

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make a 1000 thread damn you!! we can be sarcastic there ;);)

but I've already blasted past 1000, so you'll have to wait for 2K or 1500 or some other number I come up with...

in the meantime, I believe there are another 300 threads in which my ass cracks wise, allowing for plenty of sarcasm thrown back in Rhett's face

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