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Avatar and Signature Request Thread


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I'd like a set that will let the whole BZ board to know how much I love Shoko Hamada :heart:

this for an avatar with my name on it

you can mix any of the pics on the sig and I want a writing that says: "I Love Hamasho"

I will cherish it forever, yakusoku da yo ;)

Here you go, i hope you like it. :flower:



this is awesome, you've used all of the pics :woot: and I like how you put my name on the avatar :) thank U, Vogue Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hug: :heart:

You're very welcome. :hug:

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I didn’t know avatar and signatures made from “Youtube” videos was possible,

I could really appreciate if one of the members made me one out of this video.


Avatar: (scenes: 1:30- 1:33) and (scene: 2:11-2:13)

Signature: (Scene: 4:29-4:31) and (Scene 4:13-4:17)


^I was able to take this pic...if you can use it then great. = )

I want it to be simple, but good lighting...and (Nazneen written somewhere in the signature but not in avatar)

THANK YOU SO MUCH! :heart: :kiss:

Can anyone at least try?! :(

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Can someone who is bored, make me a couple avies with this vid?

I like her in the kimono the best, face shots if possible and can you write 'Naoko' on them. it's for a website I'm working on =)

They don't have to be tiny ones, I don't care what size they are :)

Thank you so much in advance and please take your time! :heart:

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I don't even know if this is feasible, but I wondered if somebody could furnish me with a signature fashioned from this video?:

It would be of the rather brief scene between 0:34 and 0:37 (standing in the field), and preferably carry a tastefully designed The Baron on the excess grass!

Again, I'm not sure how practical such a request is - but, should you be able, remember I'm a generous benefactor and patron of the arts... :gocho:

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