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  1. Trying to deal with life also working a bit :). & you, how's everything going for toi?


  2. hello :)

    just here to leave some kisses *

  3. :trout: drink water iry ... but better then that stop doing what your doing.
  4. that is something , you saying you like some magda work :)

    & tho are your model intrests the same? that's a thing i've been meaning to ask you in one of our pm's but i just forgot :D

  5. oh please be ... and grant some wish 4 me!! :)

    how are you iry?

  6. oh i just read it & it's a long one ... i'll replay tonight coz i will have more time & everything.

    Hope your good & everything is ok in your laylaland :flower:

  7. yes i did sweety. tho i haven't been able to log in on bz for a while, i've been kinda busy. I'll replay right now in fact :flower:

  8. ^you will like/love her one day, i might have to kidnap & hypnotize you if not so you'd better think about it :evil: look how gorgeous she is
  9. how are you sweety? has almost 60k/posts, impresive
  10. is good friend w/ Bronx_Bomber from what i see
  11. left a comment on my profile a while back [sorry i din't replay i just seen it like a week ago & thought it was too late to do it now :| ]
  12. ^you a welcome sweety i am glad you like it & thank you
  13. @ LostInTheSupermarket i tried something, it's kinda colourful if you don't like it don't use it tho
  14. l0vely magdalena i'll be more then happy to do this set.
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