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    Fashion & books & good movies, pink & cute guys :D

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  1. Oh my, am I right that I just saw you're online, on BZ? Haha, I rarely ever look at that list, glad I did this time! Hope everything's great!

  2. I hope you have an interesting job? As for me... same old same old, I'd say ;)

  3. Trying to deal with life also working a bit :). & you, how's everything going for toi?


  4. Thanks for the kisses, right back at ya ;) where have you been? How are you dear? :)

  5. hello :)

    just here to leave some kisses *

  6. How are you my dear? :) haven't heard from you in a long ime!

  7. :trout: drink water iry ... but better then that stop doing what your doing.
  8. I think I'll never appreciate Magda's "beauty" though... but some of her editorials are really stunning. And yes, I still love my Anna J. :hehe:

  9. that is something , you saying you like some magda work :)

    & tho are your model intrests the same? that's a thing i've been meaning to ask you in one of our pm's but i just forgot :D

  10. You know what-I totally love Magda's VP Beaute ed by Katja Rahlwes (sp?) :| I envy her cheekbones, and her eyes look soooo magnetizing!

  11. oh please be ... and grant some wish 4 me!! :)

    how are you iry?

  12. i'm genie for your wish?

  13. Oh, you know that my messages are always long ;) and everything is ok here :)

  14. oh i just read it & it's a long one ... i'll replay tonight coz i will have more time & everything.

    Hope your good & everything is ok in your laylaland :flower:

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