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  1. Spending Easter with my mom and having a wickedly delicious brunch !
  2. A insanely zany, crazy-funny video called " The Easter Bunny Hates You " on YouTube
  3. Good-hearted, kind people
  4. Yes - it relaxes me and I love to eat ! Are you enjoying the day so far ?
  5. *Bronx_Bomber*

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    The New Pollution - Beck
  6. *Bronx_Bomber*

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    Rhythm - A Tribe Called Quest
  7. *Bronx_Bomber*

    I Am...

    Listening to music and having a wonderful, relaxing day.
  8. *Bronx_Bomber*

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    Mind Power - A Tribe Called Quest
  9. Should I pour another glass of red, sparkling moscato ?
  10. *Bronx_Bomber*

    I Am...

    Browsing BZ, which I rarely do.
  11. A lovely magazine rack made out of banana leaf.
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