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I'm SO happy she's at the MET, but I'm not liking the look unfortunately :(


I wish she had worn a colored ball gown, or something a bit more lively. She looks like death.


Well that's a little morbid and extreme no? :D



Lol my thoughts exactly. Death? She just has a darker look and has a deafult face. She looks beautiful. I know if anyone else tried to be that dark and had that facial expression they wouldn't look good.


Her side profile is everything though



Okay I agree my comment was a bit hyperbolic. I just wished she made her MET debut more va va voom and had a greater presence! She seemed just...there. Obviously for normal people standards she looks fucking amazing, but I just find the whole look boring. She's Adriana for crying out loud! She had so much room to experiment and do something a little wacky, but ended up looking like she was attending just any ol' red carpet. 


Imagine her rocking a huge back-baring ball gown with amazing cleavage, a red lip, her signature alligator smile, and va va voom hair. It would have been perfect!

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Why does she look pregs? I'm diggin her look though to be honest. Black lipstick anyone? She's going through a hard time people. Not everyone is Miranda Kerr who can break up and then voice how she has sex 1,000 times a day lol and look happy about it 24/7

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The look is much better in proper lighting. She clearly had a look she was going for and took a risk, but I'm not obsessed with the styling (I actually think this is the one time her hair needed to be up) and the dress is a size too small. That face is everything though.

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Why does she look pregs?

Now u mention it........mmmm......yes that belly.....if it is what it looks VSFS this year can say gud bye to her. I don't think that bump it's the dress i think its the #3. I can be wrong but.............


I don't think she is pregnant, she is getting a divorce, that means things between her and Marko weren't going well for a while, so that's imposible. It's just the dress. Btw, I apologize if my english is terrible.

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I don't think she looks sad at all, I think she is playing her part with the look :idk:


I agree that is much better under proper lighting


Yeah because what happened between her and marko had been occurring since feb is what you have to remember, they are just now telling the public.How many times have when seen her since the problems actually stated occurring (around February)? And she looked fine every time and not sad. Def think her expressions doesn't have anything to do with the separation. Or she would have been looking like this months ago, esp since thats when things were truly occurring.

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