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On 30/1/2023 at 19:49, Souled-Out said:

Ha pasado un tiempo desde la última vez que vimos su rostro /cdn-cgi/mirage/3d2458d87f8a7020f2d0124452f33cbfc5659fa54452466f5493e91ebde08ebb/1280/https://www.bellazon.com/main/uploads/emoticons/sad.png , ni siquiera ha publicado una selfie al menos... 


cuanto creen que va a durar esto??

I think we will see her again when she lose the weight. People was so bad with her about that.

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6 hours ago, Neskasiao said:

I think we will see her again when she lose the weight. People was so bad with her about that.


I agree/hope you are right. Kinda used to her showing when she is working out atleast but maybe because people were so bad like you said, she is just closed off right now. She has reposted her old modeling work here and there on her stories so surely she plans on getting back to that? She's just too iconic to not go out with a BANG in her career


Yeah, unfortunately I feel like this was a harsh lesson learned for us all-not just Adriana. She exposed the whole "body positivity" and acceptance isn't real, or atleast does not apply to everyone. At the end of the day, what Adriana usually looks like, is the blue print and number 1 desired look, and honestly will always be. Everyone loves a fit physique. Even models who she is facially prettier than, only still get called hot because they atleast still have fit bodies. Realistically, its never going out of style. Even the kardashians don't want to be thick and curvy anymore. Adriana herself  is one of the celebs responsible for being fit/smaller staying in style no matter what because that look suits her best and makes her, her


I just hope she isn't somewhere changing her face or something like that. Its her money maker, all she needs to do is reduce weight on it so that we can see her high cheekbones lol. I think her chin area should get better once she loses weight too? She still has pretty features. No telling what she may have to do to her body to be real, having three kids is no joke. Probably why most models of her status don't have that many, and if they do, they are already retired. Thats quit a number. I also hope this is when Adriana starts getting more consistent about her dieting too. I think thats why she can gain so much while pregnant and during covid. Adriana didn't master eating healthy ALL the time and making it her lifestyle like some other models. So its even easier for her to eat more when she pregnant. She would rather crash diet and diet before jobs/specific seasons than making healthy and clean eating an actual lifestyle and something she did the whole year. You can tell before boxing, she was just a naturally skinny woman who didn't have to worry about a diet. So, I think thats why she has not perfected eating clean all the time, its not something she had to do before. I hope thats something else she also works on while on this hiatus, just because I think that would make her life easier as someone who still wants to model and its overall healthier for her, on the inside too

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1 minute ago, EsraLima said:

Makes me happy to see her ! She looks great 🤩


Agreed, she starting to really look like herself again. It is crazy what changes in weight can do.


She only has probably like 10 more pounds to lose (so that people wouldn't accuse her slightly fuller face for fillers)'


But in general, she actually looks like herself. Its amazing what pregnancy can do. Its also amazing how Adriana can go back to looking like herself after she works for it.

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