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  1. Candids

    + @sirjohnofficial ig stories
  2. General Discussion

    He will land in US. Just as planned. Does anyone live in NY? Adriana liked. Perhaps(definitely) she will attend.
  3. Candids

  4. Candids

  5. General Discussion

    @a1heellooo left a comment on his post. I am confused. Is this Adriana or not? If this is her, she is checking his post.
  6. General Discussion

    Certainly I posted less here, but that didn't mean I lost interest in her. I'm just getting tired of this forum for a moment. Because now this forum is full of negative vibes, it is not fun as before. Especially here "General Discussion". But I always enjoy "Candids" and "Motion". Thank you guys for always posting !!
  7. General Discussion

    I didn't post here for a while but I was reading all of posts carefully. If you guys criticize or judge her, it should be based on facts.
  8. Candids

    ↑↑↑ 2016.3.18
  9. Candids

    She is at home....
  10. Motion

  11. Motion

    #tb Still one of my favorite runway She is Stunning!!
  12. General Discussion

    That happened to Adriana many times before.
  13. General Discussion

  14. General Discussion

    This is not caused by her latest post. I don't know why, but it also happens to other models for the past few months. Check out Ale, Miranda etc....
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  16. Candids

  17. General Discussion

    I don't know the truth, but it is the only reason why all his "like" disappeared. (or he blocked her..)
  18. General Discussion

    He used to like most of her posts before. I think that all of them disappeared because she blocked him once.
  19. Motion

    @caona_m ig stories 27061447_167369453897650_8937702251851793915_n.mp4 26877065_118384622241088_1160486970966919950_n.mp4 26246601_579779655698398_4287299569760180816_n.mp4 26243109_1974769279462576_5347586004493475011_n.mp4
  20. Motion

    @nhlovesadri Thank you for posting. She looks great!
  21. Motion

    @dreav1125 ig stories 26881551_125022128305634_6628851906171109376_n.mp4 26684060_1957393594526748_6258177996390137856_n.mp4
  22. Motion

    @jeffreyschnabolk ig stories 27076260_154144098698051_1804147677504471040_n.mp4
  23. General Discussion

    It is good for her that Chris is with her this time. They can talk a lot about her future work etc.
  24. General Discussion

    Maybelline's ig stories
  25. General Discussion

    + Metin's father doesn't follow #metinhara but #adrianalima....?????