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  1. Candids

    + @sirjohnofficial ig stories
  2. General Discussion

    He will land in US. Just as planned. Does anyone live in NY? Adriana liked. Perhaps(definitely) she will attend.
  3. Candids

  4. Candids

  5. General Discussion

    @a1heellooo left a comment on his post. I am confused. Is this Adriana or not? If this is her, she is checking his post.
  6. General Discussion

    Certainly I posted less here, but that didn't mean I lost interest in her. I'm just getting tired of this forum for a moment. Because now this forum is full of negative vibes, it is not fun as before. Especially here "General Discussion". But I always enjoy "Candids" and "Motion". Thank you guys for always posting !!
  7. General Discussion

    I didn't post here for a while but I was reading all of posts carefully. If you guys criticize or judge her, it should be based on facts.
  8. Candids

    ↑↑↑ 2016.3.18
  9. Candids

    She is at home....
  10. Motion

  11. Motion

    #tb Still one of my favorite runway She is Stunning!!
  12. General Discussion

    That happened to Adriana many times before.
  13. General Discussion

  14. General Discussion

    This is not caused by her latest post. I don't know why, but it also happens to other models for the past few months. Check out Ale, Miranda etc....
  15. General Discussion