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  1. Chris and Tamara have never liked on Adriana's insta posts about Metin.
  2. As I thought, She is in Turkey again.... Seriously? I am sorry if I said something rude, but she seems to be brainwashed by him, not in love with him.
  3. @crista @nhlovesadri +1
  4. This guy is a friend of Metin Hara living in LA, he left a comment on Metin's post. I guess they went from Hampton to LA together. @izinae https://www.instagram.com/izinae/ izinae It was great to meet you, thank you for stoping by, can't wait to see you both again ❤️ @metinhara @adrianalima
  5. It looks like Turkish Airlines check-in counter.
  6. This insta story was very low quality so this video is not clear, but I will upload this. Beautycon_Aug12_2017.mp4
  7. @dara__hart
  8. Ah... I don't know if this article is true, but Adriana definitely likes a man who does this kind of thing. I can't wait for "unfollow" happens on instagram....
  9. I can’t even…
  10. Adriana is ranked 6th. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/emily-ratajkowski-has-viewed-instagram-stories-fashion-accounts-1026122 MOST VIEWED INSTAGRAM STORIES AMONG FASHION ACCOUNTS 1. Emily Ratajkowski 2. Chiara Ferragni 3. Candice Swanepoel 4. Hailey Baldwin 5. Cara Delevingne 6. Adriana Lima 7. Victoria Beckham 8. Miranda Kerr 9. Gigi Hadid 10. Dior 11. Dolce & Gabbana 12. Kendall Jenner 13. Gisele Bundchen 14. Louis Vuitton 15. Christian Louboutin