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  1. General Discussion

    It may be certain that something happened as you said. But now they follow each other (again), and she started follow an engagement ring store account. Maybe they made up. ugh...
  2. General Discussion

    I thought she deleted his photos because something happened with him. But recently she has changed how to use instagram (posts to instagram is about her work, and posts to ig stories is about her private). That's why I think that she deleted some photos of him. What do you think?
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  4. Candids

    YES, she looks great! She doesn't need to lose weight.
  5. Motion

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  7. Candids

    @creamparlor ig stories https://www.instagram.com/creamparlor/ the color looks good on her
  8. General Discussion

    Adriana deleted Metin's pictures. something happen.... Maybe it is good for her. ------------------------------ sorry, she has not deleted all photos. Several still remain.
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  11. Candids

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  13. Motion

    Thanks for sharing. omg She looks perfect!
  14. General Discussion

    ^ Yeah, I have never thought that their relationship is due to PR, but from the beginning it was "just not natural". SNS is not everything, but as far as I know, Chris, Tamara, Jerome etc have never liked her and metin's pictures. I guess there is something that can't be obediently blessed.
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