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i dont think its true at all

if u go on that forum its all doutzen haters all they do is insult her and make stupid comments, so this is probably some idiot who had nothing better do with his/her time than to poke fun at Doutzen

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Oh well, with fame comes stupid critics and moronic haters. You can always tell when you're getting well known when there's a group of people who will start to make fun of you because their lives are so dull that they have nothing better to do.

Besides, we all know they're just jealous that they don't look like her. :p

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THEY ARE SAYING MEAN THINGS ABOUT HER !!! :o http://www.thesuperficial.com/forums/showt...d.php?p=2424479

Doetzen Kroes, supermodel in training, has entered rehab for a meth amphetamine and crack cocaine addiction. "It stopped being about maintaining a model size, and started being about staying high," Kroes said in a recent press release. "I'm nearly broke, and I can see myself doing anything to get more money for drugs. Anything."

Kroes blames a rough upbringing for her addictions. Her parents were habitual marijuana smokers and social drinkers. "Being surrounded by alcohol and pot really affected me," Kroes said. "The first time I gave a hand job for a joint should have sounded warning bells, but I was too high to hear them."

Doutzen has turned to her friends in the fashion industry for support. Fellow recovering drug addict, Gemma Ward, who has been meth-free for 60 days, has been visiting Doutzen at rehab. "At first I was glad to here she was strung out, you know? Less competition for me," Ward said. "But then I realized she was never going to look like a street prozzie, so I may as well try and help her through this, so I can be, like, the better person, you know?" Kroes has said she is thankful for all the support she can get right now.


Doutzen Kroes, also told us, in a press conference, that she hates fashion fans. "I mean, what a bunch of losers, I do this for money, but i dont know what their purpose is. They're probably fat losers who wish they were thin, that's pretty funny" In 2006, Doutzen reported to the autorities, that a insane young woman, was stalking her. "She kept sending me emails, saying things like models should be always on covers, and shit like that. She also asked me if I wanted her to kill every actress on earth, so models would rule the world. I thought that was really creepy, and I reported her lesbian ass"

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