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    my beautiful set is made by gonzalez_girl! (:
  • Birthday 04/29/1992

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    Im Canadian but I Live In Sweden
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    Well im intrested in many things like music and stuff but modelling is a big one. Photography, Boys xD. I dont think I want to be a model, simply because I know I wouldnt make it because im only 5'3 but I love to take pictures so being behind the camera is just as fine. Adriana Lima is my inspiration simply because shes Sexy, Sassy, Cute not Trashy. Not everyone can pull that off.<br />Favorite Models: <br />1. Adriana Lima<br />2. Natasha Poly<br />3. Ana Beatriz Barros<br />4. Miranda Kerr<br />5. Doutzen Kroes
  1. I know you used to be active on BZ, btw Happy Birthday :D

  2. Hey, Happy Birthday ^_^

  3. VivaLaLima


    found these on tumblr, havent seen them before, they dont look to be that old.
  4. VivaLaLima


    wow shes sooo beautiful! found this on tumblr.. i recognize the bikini from an old VS shoot, but i havent seen this exact pic
  5. VivaLaLima


    found this on tumblr!
  6. VivaLaLima

    Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Underwear

    I just died *.* .. thank you for all the pics!
  7. VivaLaLima

    Candice Swanepoel

    from VS Facebook
  8. VivaLaLima

    [Video] Avatars

  9. VivaLaLima

    [Video] Avatars

    im lovin you right now! thanks so much!
  10. VivaLaLima


    ^ thank you!
  11. VivaLaLima

    Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Underwear

    i dont remember seeing this picture either, i know its an old shoot but i dont remmeber a pick with her kneeling on the glass before