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  1. found these on tumblr, havent seen them before, they dont look to be that old.
  2. wow shes sooo beautiful! found this on tumblr.. i recognize the bikini from an old VS shoot, but i havent seen this exact pic
  3. I just died *.* .. thank you for all the pics!
  4. im lovin you right now! thanks so much!
  5. i dont remember seeing this picture either, i know its an old shoot but i dont remmeber a pick with her kneeling on the glass before
  6. i cant believe ive never seen this before im pretty sure someone's seen it here before though, does anybody know where its from or if there are more pics from this shoot?
  7. here are some pics i found on google, i hope some of them are new for you guys too
  8. yes i agree, she looks amazing! probably one of my favorite pictures wish we had the full version, im sure it will come up some day
  9. iver never seen this before (: does any have the full version?
  10. i think this is better quality than the one posted from a while ago except her feet is cut off
  11. does anyone have any pics with Natasha Poly, Magdalena Frackowiak & Anna Selezneva together? Just the 3 of them? or Natasha-Magdalena, Natasha-Anna, Magdalena-Anna? would be great if you could upload them thanks in advance
  12. I really dislike the Model Winner. I am so very sorry. . . I don't even know why I'm apologizing. What the hell is she wearing? She has absolutely no presence. Take her away! xD i actually voted for her. She was very determined, sweet and sexy. I agree that this dress and the hair color isn't really that great but I love her!
  13. VivaLaLima


    wow, the hair and make up is a billion times better than last year!
  14. lol.. whats up with the finger?.. i dont know why they bother photoshopping their models to this much.. it's ridiculous.
  15. I love that one! shes so cute Lol, that's Candice Swanepoel
  16. , it's from Elle US July 2004
  17. thank you sooo much for these! the Adriana video avatars are my favorite thread on Bellazon!
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