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  1. wow wow wow! thank yall for these pics love the ones in #5974 & #5967
  2. wow wow wow! thank you so much, that picture is STUNNING. why havent i seen these before? are there more from this set? thank you again fabi&dolce
  3. oh i had that first one! hehehe i never saw these 2nd ones, thank you!
  4. hey i found these on an icon site, can anyone post the real picture please? is the last one her? it looks kinda weird ;X
  5. thanks! damn someone call 911, Adriana is on FIRE hopefully we get the other ones some time
  6. has anyone gotten these in HQ's? or atleast MQ's?
  7. {name}


    love the pic of the angels together
  8. Thanks! Love the one with the beige tank & where she's pulling her hair =P really cute! Dont think this was uploaded:
  9. I'm surprised she's not as big here as she is on TFS... pic credit: http://twitter.com/michellemoon7
  10. {name}


    Congragulations to Adriana & Marko! This is great news
  11. adriana that ed of gisele is so.. average o.o
  12. Doutzen, Natasha, Sasha, Catherine and Lily
  13. thank you! so much, im gonna use it right now! :D
  14. can someone make me a signature with these pictures please? and a avi with this video please: 0:43-0:47 or just one of them is fine too, i can mix my sets around
  15. oh...my god. some of my favorite Adriana lingerie pictures from here now on. thank you!
  16. btw does anyone have any NP wallpapers because i googled it and came with no good results.. untitled.bmp untitled.bmp
  17. wow thanks, i natasha picture spam!
  18. {name}


    adriana picture spam! w00t thanks!
  19. thank you thank you! i love random HQ's (:
  20. {name}


    thanks! thats one of my fav runways shes ever done (:
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