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  1. thanks everyone! its about time we get some new swimwear!
  2. is it okay if i use that first GIF you made as my avatar? your graphics are soooooooo amazing! keep on makin them and for those graphics u should try to make them into wallpapers! id totally use them!
  3. wow wow wow! these are incredible! thanks again!
  4. wow your so lucky to get to meet her! shes one of my fashion role models, and its nice to hear shes a good person too
  5. can someone please repost the UHQ because the link isnt working for me for some reason
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    uhm, wow?!?! she looks GREAT, especially at the givenchy show.. <33
  7. wow, beautiful pictures! thanks!
  8. god, she always looks freakin fabulous at versace!
  9. wow wow wow! thank you everybody so much for all these pictures
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    Congragulations Adriana! I hope you two share a great happy future together! :D
  11. wow i love that wallie! im using it right now! thank you!
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    thanks pc she looks great (=
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  14. im 99.9% sure this is Adriana, i just never saw this picture before she looks younger in it does anyone have a bigger one?
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    hopefully not reposts they were originally posted in Doutzen's thread by Blom.
  16. i love her newest ads for the vintage victoria collection, their so classy and sexy and she looked great with Adriana at the what is sexy list too! thanks everyone for the pics
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    ive seen it before, but with the tags on thanks!
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