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    is gisele back with VS or is this old pictures that the site thought was new?
  2. shes so beautiful thanks for the pictures
  3. i agree, i really like this kinds of pictures of Adriana
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    wooow she looks amazng there!
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    Hey. I saw this last week, i didnt see it posted yet, but i might have missed it.. Adriana Lima is #7 on Maxims Top 100 Sexiest Women #1 - Olivia Wilde #2 - Megan Fox #3 - Bar Refaeli #4 - Malin Akerman #5 - Mila Kunis #6 - Eliza Dushku #7 - Adriana Lima #8 - Rihanna #9 - Jordana Brewster #10 - Jennifer Love Hewitt She beat all the other Angels! you can see the full top 100 list here: http://www.maxim.com/girls/articles/79154/2009-hot-100.html and pictures here: http://www.maxim.com/girls/hot-100/79081/2...thumbnails=true
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    wow she looks beautiful! thanks!
  7. yeah.. that picture is from like 2001-2002 or something. I dont think there will be an editorial, i think it'll probably just be some random pictures of her and some of her beauty tips and stuff - because thats usually how swedish magazines do it -.-' ill still scan it for you guys if no one else beats me to it
  8. Woot! I'm sooo excited that i'm first for once! The new Cosmopolitan came out today (Sweden) and guess whos on the cover! I'm so happy! I've been waiting and waiting for her to be on a cover over here, i've never seen here on the cover of a Swedish magazine before! I havent it bought it yet cuz i dont get my money until the 25th. But if no one posts scans, ill try to scan them for y'all as soon as i buy it!
  9. ^ yeah i love gifs! ^^
  10. thanks - what magazine is that for?
  11. wwwwwwwwwwooooooowwwwwww i cant even get over how gorgeous she looks, especially in that W ed. thank you so much for all the pictures!
  12. these kind of give out a little naughty vibe.. i dont knoe if this is the type your looking for though welcome to the forum btw
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    holy shit she looks gorgeoussss!!! u love the little giggle she gives when shes eatin it
  14. i looooooveeee jessica!
  15. Im totally in love with her right now! Does anyone have more pictures? 1.bmp 1.bmp
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