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  1. that one is added to my favourite pictures ever thanks for all the pics PC!
  2. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY - some random favourites.
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    thank you everyone for the new candids!
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    oh my god im actually first with something!!! :D 2009 Victoria's Secret "What Is Sexy?" List Celebration NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 11: Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima at the 2009 'What is Sexy?' List at The Bowery Hotel on February 11, 2009 in New York City.
  5. Adriana looks amazing in her new ed for Elle! Can someone please make me a set with these pictures? Thanks in advance
  6. oh my god this editorial is def one of my favorites now! thank you!
  7. omg! i love that vintagey one with the little pic of doutzen its so .. perfect
  8. thanks! the makeup on givenchy is a little creepy, but she looks great as always
  9. thanks for those rus, that was one of my favourite runways she ever did i was wondering if some of you guys could upload their favouritest Natasha pictures because i lost all mine and there are so many pages! id really appreciate it!
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    wow! these are some of my favourite candids ever! thank you! can someone repost the 2nd picture? when i try to open it it says the page could not be found
  11. WOW thank you so much i really wish i lived in america so i could work there - your really lucky!
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    never saw those! thank you!
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    never saw those 2! thanks!
  14. wow! that looks amazing, i wish we could have the real pic tho!
  15. since christmas is over i guess i need a sig, please! thanks!
  16. holy christ she looks AMAZING, thats insane thank you so much!
  17. those vintage vs ones are insane crazy gorgeous
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