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  1. love the exposure that she's having right now..i'd wish she'd guest on jimmy kimmel
  2. the make-up was hideous but i'm glad she's doing high fashion
  3. woah, another beau for her who is this dude anywayz... nice vs shots
  4. {name}

    Megan Fox

    maybe it's her half sister
  5. thanks i still can't believe why they use lindsay over candice on the new vs commercial
  6. i wonder what it says on Polaroid picd?
  7. chanel iman created her her own twitter :http://twitter.com/maryna_linchuk
  8. lovely but too small. you have bigger version?
  9. i'd wish she would go back to her golden brown hair
  10. ^LOL! she looks lovely in those rugby pics
  11. this look makes her looks older makeup wise..
  12. thanks! she presented with some dude
  13. she is far FAT i think she should have put her hair down coz putting her hair up emphasizes the shape of her face a lil more, which in that case it's a lil round...
  14. is she presetin' at the ESPY awards?
  15. i agree, she's raising awareness but i like to see on her high fashion runways
  16. she works hard for the money her body is insane :jimmy: one could only wish for :lullaby:
  17. i think everyone would like to see her back on the runway but reality is she probably wont i really miss her high fashion days. i guess she makes descent amount of money that she really doesn't really need it. Iridium: you have a gifted talent. keep it up
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