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  1. Dutch newspaper https://www.parool.nl/kunst-media/met-modellenagent-sarah-keller-1967-2021-was-het-leven-een-groot-avontuur~b8ee39b8/ Doutzen's best male friend Mo Karadag is the new boss of Paparazzi models in Amsterdam I'm sure Doutzen will be back with Paparazzi later this year or next year .. unless she retires DOUTZEN: "Without Sarah my life would have been very different, I owe everything to her, ”says Kroes. “Sarah was one of the key people in my life and has had a huge impact on me. She was my business mom, but she felt more like a siste
  2. TRAGIC NEWS! SARAH KELLER OWNER OF PAPARAZZI MODELS IN AMSTERDAM, DOUTZEN'S MANAGER & ONE OF HER BEST FRIENDS PASSED AWAY (LUNG CANCER) So sad! I got tears when I found out she passed away. She really helped Doutzen with everything.
  3. It's the Zack Snyder cut ... same movie but with extra budget (70 million extra) with much more and new footage The original from 2017 (directed by Zack Snyder & Joss Whedon) got lots of hate by fans and critics...but this 2021 version Is doing great..fans loving it and critics are positive Released yesterday (March 18, 2021) Justice League 2021 duration: 242 minutes
  4. 2:25 - 2:32 3:30 She did a fantastic job and rocked her scenes! ----------
  5. Anyone seen this version? Theres a new scene with Doutzen in the Snyder cut Denofgeek.com : The Amazons and Wonder Woman iconography are also much more heavily featured in flashbacks to Darkseid’s first attack on Earth 5,000 years ago. We get better shots of Zeus and Ares (David Thewlis from Wonder Woman), and Amazonian Venelia (Doutzen Kroes) being filmed like she’s one of Snyder’s 300 Spartans in the ancient war.
  6. Finally!!! Hopefully something BIG & hopefully she's making a comeback with more projects coming soon. But it can also be for L'Oréal??
  7. You live under a rock for sure LOL She made (many) headlines in Holland in 2020 ... lots of negative press in Dutch media It totally destroyed her (perfect / role model) image
  8. Her management (Sarah Keller from Paparazzi models Amsterdam) said to RTL Boulevard in January: She's having a break from work and from the media (for unknown/unlimited time) After making negative headlines over and over again and ruining her image as down to earth/Saint/perfect role model etc. Now she's known as crazy lunatic/stupid/dangerous Her management probably removed her for that reason (for unknown time) So she's probably having a very long break from work ... or small sign that she's going to retire if she doesnt get any good bookings She's al
  9. She looks good and fresh faced Milan fashion week is coming next week..perfect time to try to make a comeback Good to see them being happy but I honestly still can't see what she sees in him ... and his hair is making it worse right now
  10. +1 So true! She can travel for work And I hope she never post weird stuff on social media again ..keep it private I hope it's not too late or else it's game over She should learn and move on instead of hiding in shelter
  11. EARLY JANUARY: Manager Sarah Keller giving Doutzen a time out ME ON FEBRUARY 6: I wonder when she's coming back ...
  12. Few weeks ago Doutzen making COVID-19 headlines saying "child abuse" & now they are making fun of it in this show When I close my eyes I really hear Doutzen but I wish she wore sunglasses or blue eyes and different nose + overlined lips to make the lips bigger.. she would have looked just like Doutzen But it wasnt funny at all...bad text/lines ---‐-------------------------------------------------------------- I like this vid
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