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  1. Doutzen Kroes

    Yeah the new Versace campaign is perfect & she would fit right in She gets booked to walk the Versace show (Exclusive) but she doesnt get cast in the campaign Donatella Versace & the casting director likes her ... It is probably Steven Meisel who didnt want to photograph her Meisel is bit weird because one moment he's into some model & the next moment he out of sudden lost interest and dont want to work with that model again It really sucks but thats the reality and his reputation They shot the Versace campaign on November 2 There was a moment at the end of October when Doutzen said she's going to New York ... but suddenly she stayed in Holland Maybe she had an option to be in the campaign and got canceled again last minute It must be hard for her as well getting rejected a lot / important work getting canceled After the Summer vacation it feels like im looking at the unsinkable ship And this is me being desperate
  2. Doutzen Kroes

    Very surpised she didnt score a Vogue Germany cover yet because she used to be a Vogue Germany favorite Hunkemöller is big in Germany + Hunkemöller TV commercials in Germany It seems to me that the editor in chief of Vogue Germany lost interest because it's been 5 years! Maybe her last few covers didnt do well I dunno ... Her agencies should do something because its getting really boring now ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hunkemöller Doutzen's Sports Stories hola.com
  3. Doutzen Kroes

    Hunkemöller revealed the new Doutzen's Sport collection in Germany Today Hunkemöller won "Retailer of the Year" award in Europe
  4. Doutzen Kroes

    No, that would be fun! Wish Testino did something like that for Dutch Vogue April 2017
  5. General Discussion

    O dear Adriana, wheres your head at?! No idea what she sees in that guy but he wrapped her around his finger She's going to regret this when they break up
  6. Doutzen Kroes

    Ey Luna, I believe she lived in NY for 6 months when her son was very little BTW: She's already back home in Holland! That means she only worked for knotonmyplanet in NY Probably the last (charity) job she did this year If her career is really at the end I hope her agency goes full force in 2018 booking jobs like Vogue Thailand/Mexico/Portugal covers
  7. Doutzen Kroes

    That photo (Charlie & Doutzen) is from 2014 Hopefully 2018 going to be better year 15th Anniversary as model Her 10th Anniversary in 2013 was fantastic But to be honest I think her glory days are over
  8. Doutzen Kroes

    Hopefully not just in NY for knotonmyplanet work --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW that M&M photoshoot is 99% cancelled unlesss it's a fragrance campaign (calvin klein reveal for example) because the big magazines always use the newest runway collection for their January/Febr covers She shot 2 days in Ibiza ..that is probably way too short for CK Reveal campaign (print + commercial) It would be the second time in 2 years a big shoot (multiple days) by M&M getting cancelled (Ibiza & Barbados) That is really bad They (M&M/agents/client) might not book her anytime soon because it's a waste of money/time Maybe thats why she didnt score jobs after this Summer She obviously can't model outside when the sun shines She's almost 15 years in the business... someone should teach her how to pose when the sun hits your face
  9. Doutzen Kroes

    Yeah hopefully her Summer vacation is finally over
  10. Doutzen Kroes

    I took this pic today
  11. Doutzen Kroes

    Lol I like Irina's cover The second cover with group of half naked girls looks great..wish she was part of it As crazy fan I consider asking (email or instagram) her agencies/managers if we are going to see that Ibiza shoot If they don't respond I assume the shoot is cancelled
  12. Doutzen Kroes

    Pfff ... it's unbelievable! I fear the worst ... cancelled just like that shoot on Barbados 2 years ago (probably also by Mert & Marcus)
  13. Doutzen Kroes

    Natalia Vodianova is on Vogue Italia December cover by Mert & Marcus There are 3 covers ... so there are 2 more covers Fingers crossed
  14. Doutzen Kroes

    Nice commercial but a bit messy/amateurish or something ... last year was fantastic Time for her to score Vogue Germany cover in 2018 It's been 5 years ago!
  15. Doutzen Kroes

    Back in June .. one of the crew members (hair or make-up artist) posted a video on her Instagram stories Outside there was a huge table with lots of food Natasha Poly & Anja Rubik are part of the December issue by Mert & Marcus 2 Big topmodels ... hopefully the cover goes to Doutzen We have been waiting for this shoot forever!! Would be sad if it turns out to be editorial instead of cover