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Doutzen Kroes


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She gave a 2 hour interview to a radio station


She's retired




The Frisian top model Doutzen Kroes will stop modeling for the time being. She no longer wants to work for fashion and cosmetics brands that she no longer supports in terms of content. She tells that in a podcast. "I just want to be pure," says Kroes.


I have a nice family, a beautiful husband and children. Why do I do what I do? And then I thought: you know, I'm going to finish my assignment one more time to experience whether I work with my heart or with my head do," says Kroes in a podcast by Iris Krijns, who is also an anti-vaxxer herself. "I made a promise to myself that I only want to do things with my heart. I told my agency: I'm just not going to do this anymore. Maybe this is a break."


In the conversation, Kroes says that her busy life as a model has come to a end due to the pandemic. "My life was like an fast train. It didn't stop and you don't just jump off it. I sometimes thought: when do I stop with this work? Because everything is also related." The corona time was also a kind of inspiration for her. "The self-reflection, the reflections you experience with each other, because you can no longer do anything. With my post on Instagram with 'Thanks corona' I did everything wrong in the eyes of people, but it was with a good intention."

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