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  1. and his latest editorial for Vogue Hommes International, spring/summer 2019, scanned by me:
  2. and some magazine pages from my Marlon collection, scanned by me, GQ USA, 1/2014:
  3. June 2013, Milano, photo by me:
  4. and here is another photo I took of Marlon, in 2013 after one show.
  5. another portrait I took of Marlon in Milano, January 2010:
  6. and another one I took at the Frankie Morello show in Milan, 2010:
  7. and one from January 2011 in Milano during the Iceberg show, also taken by me:
  8. another photo I took of Marlon...again in Milan, January 2010:
  9. Here are some photos I took in Milano in June 2009 when I first saw Marlon. It was after a showand he was together with Fransisco.
  10. where are the scans? What is this? Did Anja do an editorial for the new Italian Elle?
  11. {name}


    Ah, i am going crazy with these out-takes...i wish they could publish them, too...by the way, i am working on my gisele website again...hopefully it will be ready soon.
  12. Oh Boy, amazing cover...do you have the magazine?
  13. {name}


    1998 calendar page, my scan:
  14. {name}


    Seventeen magazine USA, 7/1996, my scans:
  15. {name}


    UK Vogue out-take, my scan:
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