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  1. Oh Boy, amazing cover...do you have the magazine?
  2. {name}


    1998 calendar page, my scan:
  3. {name}


    Seventeen magazine USA, 7/1996, my scans:
  4. {name}


    UK Vogue out-take, my scan:
  5. {name}


    young Gisele, from a Brazilian magazine, my scan:
  6. {name}


    Cosmopolitan Australia, 2/2008, scanned by me:
  7. {name}


    Here are the pages from Glamour Hungary with her on the cover, scanned by me:
  8. {name}

    Fan Talk

    Hi, I wonder if there any Gisele fans/collectors here who collect all her print work: Covers, editorials, ads, catalogs...I do so and I am looking for other people to exchange stuff with and help each other with our collections. I will be very happy to hear from someone. Michelabella, I think we used to be in contact years ago...it is Rado here;))
  9. GQ Brazil, 2/2018, scanned by me:
  10. Attitude magazine, February 2019, scanned by me:
  11. another image from Man About Town, 2018, scanned by me:
  12. GQ Spain, March 2016, scanned by me:
  13. Vogue Japan, 2002, scanned by me:
  14. NineSixNy, 2000, scanned by me:
  15. Carmen for Sephora, 2000, scanned by me:
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