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  1. You are wellcome...as for the other galleries, they are not ready yet, so I need to work on them...it takes a lot of time I am afraid, but I will do it for sure.
  2. It looks absurd with these masks...I thought these girls were more intelligent...oh wel...:(((
  3. Hi and sorry for the confusion, it is my mistake...I recently re-did the whole editorials section merging it into one gallery only, but forgot to link the gallery...now it works fine and you can see my entire collection of editorials.
  4. Well, I still miss tons of stuff, but I decided to start collecting her work only a few years ago...already traded and sold tons of her amazing work in the past...regreting it of course, but I am slowly regaining materials...hopefully I will have enough time in this life to complete my collection. Thanks for your compliments! Glad I can share hat I have with other admirers.
  5. Hi, it is still there, nothing happened, it is getting bigger and bigger every day;))
  6. and the last part, all scanned by me:
  7. and some more, all scanned by me:
  8. more gems from my collection, all scanned by me:
  9. she never had any religious issues with modelling, only her father had and she did not care (thank god), cause if she did, she would not have a career at all. It can not be a reason for her retirement, she is just smart and modelling for her was mostly a job, maybe not a passion. She gave herself completely, made a fortune and retired like any intelligent person would do. I wish I could still see her, but somehow I am grateful she has stopped completely. And, no, there is NO WAY she might have occasional modelling jobs, cause if she did, we would have seen them for sure. She left more than eno
  10. everything is hitting the bottom...yuk yuk yuk
  11. Horrible images of Krisen...but no wonder they are so bad seeing who shot them...yuk
  12. Oh...Italian Vogue used to have beautiful covers years ago...obviously not anymore....sad...;(
  13. of course she will join your amazing website!!! I can not wait!
  14. The first 2 images are with Brazilian model Shirley Mallmann, Honor is only on the last 2 pics
  15. wow, super rare old add, thank you!!!
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