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  1. She lives in New York. She retired in 1997. She is married to a successful attorney and went to college and got her business degree. She has 2 children who are both young adults by now. She is still beautiful but she hasn’t worked in the modeling industry since 1997.
  2. Very nice collection of her print work. I especially like the earlier shots as I haven’t seen many of them. In 1992, she was THE model. A true Super as she was steadily employed, did great print work and graced the covers of several magazines. Her best work was on the runway. She was easily among the top 5 runway girls in her heyday. She retired while at the top. We’ll never see her again; unless we’re lucky.
  3. She retired in ‘97. She was pregnant and married an attorney named Bernstein. She lives with him and her 2 children in NYC. Sadly, we won’t ever see the likes of her again. Luckily, we have loads of runway footage and a huge gallery of her print work. she was the best walker on the runways during the supermodel craze in the 90’s.
  4. She married in ‘97 and retired to have a baby. She is married to a lawyer, attended college and has graduated with a degree in business. She now has 2 children, a boy and a girl and lives in New York. She retired when she was at the top. Her photos are still very current and striking. she was a lush, gorgeous beauty and had the best walk in the industry.
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