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  1. Anna Sui (Fall/Winter 2001) Ready-to-Wear - New York Fashion Week vogue.com livingly.com
  2. Does anyone know their names? Miu Miu (Spring/Summer 2002) Miu Miu (Spring/Summer 2003) Miu Miu (Fall/Winter 2003) 1 Miu Miu (Fall/Winter 2003) 2 Miu Miu (Fall/Winter 2003) 3
  3. Miu Miu (Spring/Summer 2001) Ready-to-Wear - Milan
  4. Miu Miu (Spring/Summer 2001) Ready-to-Wear - Milan
  5. Miu Miu (Spring/Summer 2001) Ready-to-Wear - Milan
  6. Anyone knows her name?
  7. Magazine: Vogue Germany (January 2010) Title: Côte d'Allure Photographer: Horst Diekgerdes Fashion Editor: Julia von Boehm Hair: Marc Lopez Makeup: Stephanie Kunz Model: Madisyn Ritland scanned by Babi
  8. Magazine: Vogue Germany (September 2009) Title: Übersinnlich Photographer: Olaf Wipperfürth Styling: Claudia Englmann Hair: Felix Fischer Makeup: Stephanie Kunz Manicure: Brenda Abrial Model: Cato van Ee scanned by achAT WARNING: NUDITY!
  9. https://www.olafwipperfuerth.com https://www.instagram.com/olaf_wipperfurth
  10. Magazine: Vogue Germany (August 2009) Title: Femme Fatale Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier Styling: Katie Mossman Hair: Rita Marmor Makeup: Makky Manicure: Kiyo Okada Model: Catherine McNeil scanned by helligirl WARNING: NUDITY!
  11. Magazine: Vogue Paris (December 1997/January 1998) Title: Croisière Californie Photographer: Peggy Sirota Stylist: Marcus von Ackermann Hair: Katharina Ehrhart Makeup: Kim Carrillo Model: Carmen Kass scanned by Mojopin
  12. Magazine: Vogue Italia (August 1998) Title: È Imprevedibile Photographer: Peggy Sirota Fashion Editor: Jonathan Skow Hair: Katharina Ehrhardt Makeup: Julian Fink Model: Drew Barrymore Vogue Italia Archivio
  13. Magazine: Mademoiselle US (May 1993) Title: How The West Was Worn Photographer: Peggy Sirota Hair: Danilo, Katharina Ehrhart Horse Stunts: Jamie Jo Maderas Model: Tyra Banks, Magali Amadei bwgreyscale
  14. Magazine: Allure US (June 1999) Title: Coming Clean Photographer: Peggy Sirota Fashion Editor: Polly Allen Mellen Hair: David Cox Makeup: Jo Strettell Manicure: Kristi Jones Model: Milla Jovovich bwgreyscale
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