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  1. here are some collages I created with clippings from different magazines from some of Gisele's fashion shows spring/summer 2000:
  2. my scans, but I have no idea what magazine and date these come from, does anyone know?
  3. Saturday UK 12/2021, cover and ed scanned by me:
  4. Wonderland magazine 9-10/2009, my scans:
  5. and the pages publisged in the article inside In Style Beauty 2021 Germany plus 2 pages from In Style Beauty Germany 2022, 1page from GQ Germany 4/2022 and 2 ads, all scanned by me:
  6. In Style Germany from 2021...not sure if it was ever posted here,sorry if repost, my scan:
  7. You are always very very wellcome, my Dear, you are the most devoted Linda fan ever!!! I feel very bad for not yet organizing myself to send you a parcel with Linda doubles, but I will do it one day for sure...accept my appologies. Here are the 2 amazing pages of Linda that were published in the May 2022 issue of UK Vogue..I guess they have been already posted, but here are my scans just in case...this is one of my most favorite editorials with Linda from 1993:
  8. Here is a real scan of the Xantypa Czech magazine with Linda on the cover. There is an article inside with more photos, I will post it when I scan them. Scanned by me:
  9. Thank you sooooo much, no, i did not know it, but it seems more like a 1991 or 1992 issue of German Vogue...it is a very young Shalom here and in 1996 she looked much different, can you check again, please!!!!
  10. No, it is not her for sure, it is a German model, forgot her name.
  11. It definitelly looks like a Meisel image, but there is no way i can confirm the info as i never had the complete magazine. And even if i had it i never keep mags complete any way. However i am almost sure the photo was taken by Steven
  12. It is not true. And she is a superstar. The only reason why she does not seem to be a darling of the media or has a supermodel status as of the popular names, the reason is very very simple and has a political touch, too. She simply does not come from one of the big countries. If she was British, American, Canadian, German or French, she would easily get the status. But she does not really need one as she already does all the major high fashion jobs and she is already where she needs to be.
  13. Let's hope the team will do a good job. To me Linda is over since a long time ago...but i guess miracles happen. I am afraid it will be heavily photoshoped:((
  14. She will be on the cover of UK Vogue soon.
  15. Heine catalog, 1991, my scan:
  16. Various ads, scanned by me:
  17. Valentino ads. 1989, scanned by me:
  18. I am seriously avoiding such publications in my collection, i would never pay for such, reprints should be forbidden in my opinion...and old serbian magazines look soooo bad, i don't even wanna look at them. All my Michaela scans are on my website, but i will try to post this image soon...i think the original ad is in black and white...
  19. Well, it is, but it is horribly reprinted from a Valentino ad. Such "publications" with stollen images are a disgrace and should never be even scanned, let alone posted in a place like this. I have the real thing from the original publication in Italian Vogue. I will post it in the next days.
  20. Are you serious posting this???
  21. Not sure if it has been posted, but here are her cover and editorial for Vogue China 6/2012, scanned by me:
  22. somethines she does;))) here are a few, my scans:
  23. wow, thank you very much for showing this to me!!!
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